Lord and Berry Line shade glam eye pencil
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Lord and Berry Line shade glam eye pencil review


comes in three shade I have Shade Dorè nr 230

12 USD



My thoughts on Lord and Berry Line shade glam eye pencil

Received this in on of my Lookfantastic boxes and I received a smaller size of it.

I don’t use eyeliners very often since I have hooded eyes so whenever I use an eyeliner that tend to be the only thing you see on my lid. Which is not the look I prefer:-).

I do like eyeliners that are easy to smudge, so I can use them as eyeshadows instead and whenever I buy an eyeliner as a pen this is the use I look for. I do use eyeliners to tightline my lashes (that is to fill in the gap between the eyelashes from underneath).

When I tried Lord and Berry Line shade glam eye pencil my hopes were to be able to use it as an eyeshadow as well. Since this is also what they describe for the product.

Shade Doré nr 230
Shade Doré nr 230

When I swatched this the first time I felt that it was quite hard and not very smooth. But I wanted to warm it up before using it on my eye so my expectations was that it was going to get smoother. Sadly it didn’t. I don’t know if it was my product that had dried in some way. Or if the product simply isn’t very smooth. But when I applied it on my eye lid I had to use more force than I am used to and I didn’t manage to blend it very well either. I tried using a dense brush to blend but I had to use too much force to be able to like the product at all.

I really love the color of it. It do prefer natural and brown colors and that is what I tend to go for when it comes to makeup but I really don’t see me using this again.

The packaging is what to be expected. A nice clean packaging and the pencil needs to be sharpened when used.

I give this product 0/7


Where to get it

Lord and Berry


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