Lord & Berry lip pencil
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Lord Berry made to measure lip pencil

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Lord & Berry lip pencil S
Shade 3101 iconic nude
1.3 g
18 USD

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My thoughts on Lord & Berry Made to measure lip pencil

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I am not a lipstick person. I love lipstick on others but on me I just think I look weird. But I am still trying and trying and trying, because maybe I will change one day.

I received this in one of my Goodieboxes  and not so long ago I received another lip pencil but in one of my Glossyboxes (ModelCo lip liner)  and they were so similar in color that I thought they were the same at first. But then realizing that ModelCo’s is more fuchsia in color. I do prefer this color over the one from ModelCo.

Lord & Berry Made to measure lip pencil is not a super soft pencil but it isn’t harsh on the lips either. It is easy to apply and glides on without being harsh on the lips.

Lord Berry made to measure lip pencil Shade 3101
Lord Berry made to measure lip pencil Shade 3101

The color is matte but you can always add a lip balm or gloss on top if you prefer the softer look. I usually do add a lip balm on top just for moisture and I do really love the way this color looks on me. And that is not a common thought when I look in the mirror after applying a strong lip.

I seldom use a lip liner as a lipliner, instead I apply it as a long-lasting lipstick. It really works both ways. If you have problems with lipstick bleeding into fine lines a lip liner is perfect to stop that from happening.

I give the product 6/7

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