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Maria Åkerberg spakit review

About Maria Åkerberg

This is a Swedish brand and they stand for all natural and ecological products
They have really nice products and are usually found at dermatologists or spa’s around Sweden.
Can be found at:
Skincity Sweden
Skincity Global 

I was actually send this spa kit by mistake from them and I contacted the store since it was another person’s name on it (I did not want the person who was supposed to get the product to be without). There was some weird mistake from their part and I of course got to keep the products. And I thought I would do a short review on them.

In the kit, there is

Body lotion Beautiful orange cardemum
Olive cleansing petit grain
Salt scrub energy rosemary lemongrass
Face mask gentle clay neroli
Papaya peeling papaya lavender
Hair conditioner energy rosemary lemongrass
Hair and body shampoo energy rosemary lemongrass

Maria Åkerberg spakit
Maria Åkerberg spakit

My thoughts on the Maria Åkerberg spa kit

In general, I love the idea of all natural products and to have it all ecological is just as it supposed to be according to me.

Shampoo and conditioner

I have been using this shampoo for a long time, even before I got these samples. It is sulfate free and it is really amazing. I have been trying so many different shampoos since I have problem with really dry hair, and that my hair keeps breaking off at the ends. This is the only shampoo that works for me, and I have tried a lot of different brands. I usually don’t need any conditioner, instead I use it as a leave in conditioner no and then. It lasts a really long time and you only need a tiny amount. Be sure to wash your hair twice, since the first time is really just dissolving all the gunk in your hair. By washing a second time you will notice a huge difference in the lather and that your hair really needs that second wash. I usually wash my hair twice a week, and I really don’t need more. The smell is herb like as to be expected. I am not that fond of the smell on any of their products but it makes the product feel more natural than if it would have smelled like perfume.

Shampoo and conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner

I give this product 7/7

Olive cleansing Peti grain

I was so disappointed on this product as it actually didn’t clean my face at all. I used it twice and I still had a lot of foundation left on my face. This was really disappointing cause I was expecting it to be really great. I got more makeup off by using real olive oil instead of this product, sadly. The smell is herb like and really fresh.

Analyzing the ingredients on Skincarisma

I give this product 0,5/7

Salt scrub energy rosemary lemongrass

This is a really nice scrub. I do exfoliate a lot since I have dry skin. It is not amazing, but I think it is hard to say that a body scrub is amazing anyways. It does what it is supposed to and my skin feels a lot smoother after I used it. I do prefer to make my own scrubs for my body with sugar and honey, but if you feel like buying one, why not this one.

Analyzing the ingredients at Skincarisma

I give this product 4/7

Face mask gentle clay neroli

This is a clay mask and it name gentle is really what it is. Usually I have to add some drops of oil in my clay masks since they really tend to dry me out. But with this I did not have to at all, that’s how gentle it is. You should only leave it on for about 5 minutes, so it is not supposed to harden at all. Just rinse it off and complete your routine.

Analyzing the ingredients at Skincarisma

I give this product 5/7

Papaya peeling papaya lavender

I am a sucker for peelings and this is really nice. It feels really nice on the skin and smells really nice. How to use it: start with cleaning your face, (as always) then apply a normal amount and massage for about one minute, then add some water and keep on massaging. The tiny particles in the peeling will start to dissolve and then you can rinse your face. After using this my skin feels really soft and I just love the feeling after using a peeling. My skin feels super soft and really moisturized (but of course I still need my layers).

Analyzing the ingredients at Skincarisma

I give this product 5/7

Body lotion Beautiful orange cardamom

Well, this is a body lotion, and I really don’t use body lotions because I found that aloe vera does the job so much better. But if I was to use a body lotion, this could actually be one of the products I would use. It is really nice and my skin feels really moisturized after using it. I am not so fond of the smell but I usually don’t want my products to smell at all, except perfume that is.

I give this product 5/7

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