Dirt cheap lip liners from Ebay. MeNow lip liners set of 12

MeNow true color lip liner

MeNow true color lip linermenowMeNow true color lip liner


I bought mine on Ebay and you can easily find them there just buy searching for them.
1 g of product
12 lip liners for 2.70 USD Yes that is 12 liners my friends.

MeNow true color lip liner  MeNow true color lip liner

My thoughts on MeNow True Color Lip Liners

These are really great for the money you pay for them. They only sell these in a set, but the prize is so amazing that it is fine ordering them even if you only use one color.

They are easy to apply and some colors are smoother than others. You could always warm them up as you would a harder eye liner if you need to.

The colors really suites me since I am more into nudes, reds, and browner tones. They seem to last quite long on the lips. They are not kiss proof and they can smudge a little, but they last for hours on my lips. If you have dry lips be sure to exfoliate first since they might enhance the dryness otherwise. I too have dry lips and I usually need to exfoliate no matter what I have on my lips.

They do not dry my lips out, they do feel moisturizing on my lips, and still it doesn’t feel like I have a lot on.

MeNow true color lip liner

The packaging is quite cheap and you can tell it is not a very fancy product. But I use lip liner very seldom so it doesn’t bother me at all. The cap doesn’t stick very great either.

I really don’t understand why they seem to try and match the cap of the liner with the color of the pencil, because it really doesn’t match, and I think it would have been better to have them see through instead.

They are not the best quality, but for that prize they are really amazing, and they are way better than the prize suggests. So, I am really happy that I bought them.

The finish of them are mat, you can always add a gloss on top if you feel like a little sparkle. They don’t feel sticky at all

They come in the shades

046, 050, 051, 052, 053, 054, 055, 056, 057, 058, 059, 060

MeNow true color lip liner swatches

I give this product 5/7

Where to get them


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