Magnitone London Microfibre cleansing cloth
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Microfiber cleansing cloths

Magnitone London Microfiber cleansing cloth
Magnitone London Microfiber cleansing cloth

I have received three different microfiber cleansing cloths so I figured I do a check to see if they act the same.

The three microfiber cleanser I tested are

Afterspa Magic makeup remover (1 for 8 USD)
GLOV On the go hydro cleanser (1 for 10 USD)
Magnitone London Microfiber cleansing cloth (2 for 15 USD)

Afterspa Magic makeup remover
Afterspa Magic makeup remover

How to use them

Before using them for the first time you really need to wash them.
Wet them and remove the access water before using it.
Simply massage with gentle motions over your face.
Wash it again after using it to be able to use it again

GLOV On the go hydro cleanser Microfiber cleansing cloths
GLOV On the go hydro cleanser

My thoughts on the microfiber cleansers

When I first heard of these types of products I was really not getting it. As I said before I received a these in different subscription boxes. And always when I got them I felt oh no, not another one of these.

My main problem with them is simply I didn’t try one and I decided that they didn’t work.

I know, I know that is not what I am supposed to think at all running a blog like this. But still I am only human.

So when first trying them out I started with Afterspa Magic Makeup Remover. To be able to really test it out I used a full face (for me that is).

For me that is skincare routine with sun block which I am not going into deeper in this post. The makeup I used was.

Magnitone London Microfibre cleansing cloth
Magnitone London Microfiber cleansing cloth
  • Primer (NYX Hydratouch Oil Primer)
  • BB cream (Missha signature real complete bb cream)
  • Highlighter (ModelCo Baked highlighter)
  • Contour ( Makeup revolution contour palette)
  • Mascara (Clinique High Impact Mascara)
  • Eye shadow (Stylondon 9 color eyeshadow palette).
  • Eyebrow pencil Etude house drawing eyebrow

My first thought was that I need to remove my eye makeup with an eye makeup remover. But I didn’t since these cloths are supposed to work on all makeup. So, I tried putting my thoughts on the side doing this with an open mind. I wet the cloth and massaged my face in circular motions. In just a short time my makeup was removed. I was really surprised by how well it worked. But just to be sure I applied some cleansing water on a cotton pad and wiped my face. There was no residues left.

I really love when this happens. I have a predetermined thought on a product and my thought completely change. Sometimes it feels amazing to be wrong.

But there is a but

Even though it does a great job in cleansing my face I do see problems with it. First you can only use it once and then you need to wash it. That means that you need to buy a lot of them to be able to use them daily. It is really important that you wash it after using it, due to bacteria growth in the cloth. Also I really don’t think it is very effective when it comes to deep cleansing your skin. But if you use a deep cleansing mask on a regular basis this might be enough for you.

Comparing the three Microfiber cleansing cloths to see if there is any difference in their cleansing abilities. There really isn’t any big difference in how they perform. But there is a difference in how easy they are to use.

The Afterspa cloth is rather small and I do find it to be hard to work with due to its size. The GLOV on the go hydro cleanser is a glove like version of the cloth. But if you have wider hands it is rather difficult to get it on after I washed it. The positive thing is that it is really easy to use it when it is on my hand and I find it to be easy in that way.

But my favorite among these Microfiber cleansing cloths is the Magnitone London Microfiber cleansing cloth. It is larger and I don’t feel that it rolls around when I am using it as the smaller one from Afterspa does. Even though I really like this type of product I will not buy 20 of them to be able to use the product every day. I do find it really great to use on travels or on those lazy days when you just want to go to be without 10-15 steps of skincare products (if you follow the Korean skincare routine).

GLOV On the go Micro fiber cleansing cloths
GLOV On the go hydro cleanser

I give these Microfiber cleansing cloths

Afterspa Magic makeup remover 4/7

GLOV On the go hydro cleanser 3/7

Magnitone London Microfiber cleansing cloth 6/7

Where to get it


Other cleansing products

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Where to buy Korean skincare

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