Missha perfect cover BB cream
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Missha perfect cover BB cream all shades compared

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Missha perfect cover BB cream is one of my favorite BB creams. But I have problems finding the right shade for my skin type. I usually mix a few shades to match my own skin, but still I would love for them to come out with more shades.

To help you find a match that might suit you I did a Missha perfect cover BB cream all shades compared post for you.

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Missha perfect cover BB cream all shades
Missha perfect cover BB cream all shades
Missha perfect cover BB cream all shades

I am a little bit confused

When looking at these shades I really get confused to what Missha is doing. The shade 25 and 27 is almost the same and way too orangey. The shades might be a perfect match if you are more olive toned. I have always looked for a yellow toned version of Missha’s BB cream and before I mixed 23 with 25, 27 or 31 to get it more yellow toned. Then I decided to switch to 21 and mix with a darker shades but still no perfect match.

Missha perfect cover BB cream
Missha perfect cover BB cream

The problem I have is that 23 looks amazing on my skin but too gray, and 21 is a better match but doesn’t blend as well and leaves a white cast on my chin and on my nose area. So I am still in search of that perfect match or at least a really close match. Hopefully this post can be of help to you when you are searching for that perfect match.

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  • Lud

    Thank you for sharing your experience, it will help me to do the right choice.

  • Joana

    I have the same problem with you. I wonder if you already found one that really matches your skintone. 🙂

  • Tess

    Hi Joana
    I still have the same problem with Missha. It is so sad since I really love their BB creams. The only thing is to mix some shades. The lighter colors like 13 or 21 looks weird on my skin, they tend to dry like a powder on my skin and then crease and looks weird so 23 is still the best match when it comes to formula. But 21 mixed with 27 is the best color match:-)

  • Ledia | Kbeauty Notes

    Yes, they should’ve kept the darker shades with the same undertones and create other shades completely with warmer undertones. The shades are confusing. For me #21, although not perfect 100%, is a good match. They have released the M Perfect Cover BB Cream RX line with other shades, but I’ve read they’re more matte and don’t have the finish of the original.

  • Tess

    I can only agree. It is an amazing product that should be able to be loved by all:-). I haven´t tried the RX line yet. At the moment I am hooked on Purito.

  • Prabhjot

    Hi, I was wondering which shade can be good for indian fair skin
    Thank you

  • Tess

    Hi I am sorry but is impossible for me to say. We all see shades in different ways and what is light to me might not be light to you. I would recommend trying out some samples if possible. Then the shades 23,25,27 or 31 (31 might be difficult to get your hands on). If you have tried any other Korean BB creams the shades are similar if that can help you. // Tess

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