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Missha perfect cover shade comparison 25 and 27

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Missha Perfect Cover shade comparison

The struggle of finding the perfect match

When it comes to Korean BB creams I always struggle in finding the right shade for me. I am truly in love with Missha perfect cover BB cream and I think that it is absolutely amazing. The only problem I have is finding a shade that works really well. Usually I end up with shade 23 that I mix with other shades to find a match for me. I have tried 27 and 31 mixed with 23 but not with a perfect result. Then I found out that Missha has a nr 25 as well, but it is really hard to find and there aren’t many places they sell it. Missha Baltics is one of those places so I decided to get the shade to compare with others. And maybe I would find my perfect shade.

But NO NO NO I was wrong. The shade 25 did not match me at all. When looking at swatches online sometimes they just seem to be the perfect match, but in real life they are completely off. This depends on what computer of device you are watching the pictures on. So, one can only be sure by testing yourself.

Online swatches from Missha.ee

Shade 25 Missha perfect cover BB cream
Shade 25 Missha perfect cover BB cream From Missha.ee
Shade 27 Missha perfect cover BB cream
Shade 27 Missha perfect cover BB cream, From Missha.ee

The problem I have with the other shades is that they are either to pale or to gray or to orange. There is really nothing in between.

Swatches Missha perfect cover BB cream 25 and 27
Swatches Missha perfect cover BB cream 25 and 27

When I first swatched the shades I really did not see any difference at it might be hard to see on my pictures as well. But there is the tiniest, tiniest difference between the shades. But truly I don’t get why they did a shade 25 so close to 27. There really isn’t anything between 23 and 25 sadly.

So, what I have to do is mix myself and I mix 21 with 25 (which is a great match for me right now)

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream shade comparison
Missha Perfect Cover BB cream shade comparison 25 and 27

So, what is the difference between 25 and 27

25 tends to be a tiny bit more yellow and 27 goes more towards orange (or the color of Donald Trump if you need a different mental picture). The weird thing is that in the photo above it actually looks the opposite.

If you are like me, just waiting for that perfect match in shades when it comes to Missha perfect cover BB cream. Just face it will probably never happen.

Missha Perfect Cover BB cream shade comparison
Missha Perfect Cover BB cream shade comparison shade 25 and 27

As you can see on the pictures it is almost impossible to see the different between the shades which makes it really hard to understand why both the shades actually exists.

I am constantly looking for a match trying to mix different shades together.

Missha is by far my favorite BB cream brand. They seem to skip a whole selection of colors in the middle and at the end. But they are also the one with the weirdest selection of shades.

There will also be a post comparing all the shades next to each other.

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  • Lah

    Interesting. I have the same issue with this bb cream. I really love the formula but 23 pulls grey-pink on me and I bought 27 and it’s really orange. Tried mixing the two and still doesn’t match. I haven’t tried mixing 21 and 25, and 25 is also rare to find. Even though this is my fave bb cream, it’s now sitting at the back of my drawer. I just gave up trying to make it match my shade, and for any makeup that requires that much effort, is annoying and just not worth it anymore. I still own it, i still love it, just haven’t used it for a long time now. Btw, my mac shade is NC25. I’m usually 23 on korean shades if it has the right undertone, otherwise sometimes 25.

  • Tess

    This is so frustrating. I really am experiencing the same issue as you are. I really don’t know my Mac shade but I know that I am more yellow toned. But my face is darker than the rest of my body. But if I use lighter shades like 21 they simply look powdery and sticks to the sides of my nose, just not blending in. 23 does but don’t match completely.. In the summer absolutely 25. I am as you right now, I have it, I love it but I don’t reach for it. I am using Loreals BB cream at the moment, testing it out, just to stop using Korean bb creams that doesn’t match. What are you using at the moment?

  • Ash

    I wonder what the shade looked like after shade #31 and #27 was mixed.. It’s almost impossible to find BB creams to suit darker skintones. The shades are always white or whiter and the undertones get super orange-y for the darker shades.

  • Tess

    Hi Ash
    I totally get what you mean, and these both shades are quite orangy. BB creams are so amazing so I really don’t understand why it should be an issue. all brands really should think about shades to include every type of skin. Not necessarily 50 shades, but of course there should be an option for really dark skin as well. I looked if i had my 27 still but I found my 31 and 25. So i mixed them just half and half, to see. But the lighter shade takes over. So sadly I don’t think its an option either. Hope you find a good match for you.// Tess

  • Samantha

    Hello!! So I saw this girl on YouTube named Monica AP and she recommends trying the shade 27 but adding it with the L.A. Girl
    Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation shade White to help with the shade/undertone.

  • Tess

    That is a good idea:-) I have seen a lot of different brands coming up with shade drops so I definitely should try that. Thank you

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