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My experience with Banish skincare

I was contacted by Banish and asked if I wanted to try their products out. They did not ask for anything actually (what is most common is that a company asks for reviews). They simply wanted me to try their products out. And of course since the products were gifted to me, I want to do a review, so you guys can read my thoughts on their products as well.

Always when trying skincare out it is so individual and I do feel that often people get the idea what works for one person works for all. This can be further from the truth.

If a skincare product works for me, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Of course it would be easier if it did.

Banish Skincare Starter kit
Banish Skincare Starter kit

When I got contacted by Banish Skincare my first thought was to say no. Simply because I felt that their products might not be for me. They usually advertise towards acne scars. And since I don’t have any I felt that it was wrong for me to try it out. But after doing more research on their products I saw that they also recommend their products for hyperpigmentation and redness. And that is something I do have a problem with so therefor I decided it was a good match.

After trying this starter kit for over a month my conclusion is that it is not a product I will buy again. Some of the products works really well for me whilst others didn’t. I have written reviews on all of the products. Just search for it or look at my posts further back.

Why I didn’t see a big difference

This might simply be that I already have been using product to fight hyperpigmentation and redness for a long time and already seen a difference on my skin. So maybe my skin is simply as good as it is going to get on that level. It is so different if you are using a type of product for the first time. For me it was Misshas Time Revolution Starting Treatment Essence that turned out to be a game changer for my hyperpigmentation. And ever since I tried that type of product I never stopped using it. So if you are trying this product without ever trying a C-Vitamin treatment before this might work wonders on your hyperpigmentation and redness. I do find the products to be really pricy compared to what I have been using before. But if money is not an issue for you I would give it a try.

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I will try the Banish Starter kit

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