Niré face prep tool
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Niré face prep tool review

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Niré face prep tool
All skin types

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How to use it

Wash your face with water to remove any residues on the skin. Apply a cleanser suited for your skin type an massage into your skin. Then use the prep tol and massage your skin in circular motions. Using the smaller bristles for areas that needs more exfoliation. And the larger bristles for areas that are more sensitive, eg under the eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water. Don’t forget to wash your tool with soap after usage.

Niré face prep tool
Niré face prep tool

My thoughts on Niré face prep tool

When I received Niré face prep tool in my subscription box I was really interested in trying it out. I really love these types of products. My skin is super dry and I really need to exfoliate a lot due to dry patches. If I don’t my skin will stop absorbing the product I apply and I will have no benefits of my skincare products.

I do exfoliate on a regular basis with sugar scrubs. My favorite are Skinfoods sugar scrubs by far. But it is so nice finding a product that I can use on a more regular basis and that might prevent my dry patches.

Before I used to use Konjac sponges, but after my kids found mine in the shower it turned into a cleanser for the floor (my kids cleans the shower by choice). So I simply had to throw that one out.
So the timing for receiving this one was perfect.

Niré face prep tool feels really amazing on my skin and I do really like it a lot. I have been looking at these electrical versions of this and felt they were to expensive for my wallet. So this is simply perfect for me.

It is an amazing little tool and it works great, it feels soft and smooth on my skin. And it is cheap:-)

I give this product 7/7

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