Shopping again, this time a Korean beauty haul from Stylekorean

Innisfree Eco Flower tint in rose color

Innisfree Eco Flower tint in rose colour

Etude House Secret beam highlighter gold beige mix

 Holika Holika Pig nose clear black head
 Huge amount of samples given to me with this haul.
Korean beauty haul from stylekorean

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  • I’d love to hear your experiences with different sheet masks – some you leave on and let the essence soak in then there are cleansing sheet masks you wash off. I don’t see the benefit of masking on a clean face to clean your face more. Have you seen a benefit with cleansing masks?

    • Hi Christa
      That is a great idea for a new post. Thank you, and I will definitely work on a post explaining the difference. The only type of cleansing mask I heard of are deep cleansing mask and pore cleansing mask. They do serve a great purpose to deeply clean the face (and I do think they can be great especially for oily skin types). I do totally get the confusion of cleansing an already clean face. It is the same if you double cleanse, the first cleansing don’t always get everything clean enough. I do double cleanse even though I have super dry skin, but it really made a huge difference on my skin.

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