NOW Moroccan red clay powder

NOW Moroccan red clay powder

I prefer applying the NOW Moroccan red clay powder mask with a brush. Leaving it on for about 15 minutes. The mask doesn’t have to dry down until you remove it. Just rinse it off after 15-20 minutes and the mask has done what it is supposed to.

I remember reading a review that someone said that it colored their skin, I have never seen that happen to me though. But be sure to rinse until the mask is completely gone.

e.l.f shimmer palette: review

e.l.f shimmer palette

e.l.f shimmer palette has four different shades and there is a clear difference between the colors. So there really is a shade for everyone. The palette comes with a brush which can be good to use when you are using it as a highlighter under your eyebrows or inner corner of your eyes. For applying at the cheekbones, I feel it is easier to use my fingers.

Etude House AC clean up toner first impression

Etude House AC clean up toner

The packaging is nice and travel friendly, made of hard plastic with a screw on lid. The toner is watery and clear in color. It is really strongly scented which many of you already know I am not a fan of.

The toner hasn’t dried my skin out, but I do feel it is way too small amount to really say anything about the effects on my skin.

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