I bought myself some new stuff, again

Haul Beautynetkorea

Tony Moly I’m Real Mask Sheet in  Avokado
Secret key 2015 New Snail Repairing Mask Pack
Tony Moly Panda’s Dream So Cool Eye Stick
Tony Moly Panda’s Dream Contour Stick 1 Highlighter
Skin watchers Ceramizing Essence Toner
Secret key Gold Racoony Hydro gel eye & spot patch

Cheap lipsticks from Ebay, totally surprised. A review on Eyeberry lipsticks

Eyeberry lipstick

Ohhh i love this. These are amazing and I love the colors on them. You have 15 colors too choose from so there will probably be a few colors that will suit you.

The come in a box, with the ingredients in Chinese. The packaging is simple, black and yet elegant. Since the product are thin, don’t screw it up too much when applying it to your lips, or it will easily break.

Contouring on a stick from Etude House play 101, First impression

Etude house play 101 stick

I have been using this a couple of times and I am really not sure what I think about it yet. I do have potential. I do like cream products since I have really, and I mean really dry skin. Powder seem to make things worse, so I rather skip those.

During winter, my skin is even more dry (if that is possible) and I therefore try to stick with sticks (ha ha). Or at least cream based products as much as possible, just so I don’t enhance my dry skin.

Sleeping with a mask, why not? Cosrx rice overnight spa mask

Cosrx rice overnight mask

This mask is just wow. The hype about it is there for a reason and if you need to try one sleeping mask this is it. First time I used it my skin felt amazing in the morning and I will definitely keep on using this one too see how my skin feels.

It has no direct scent (which I do prefer) more than cream and it is very easy to apply on the skin. It penetrates rather quickly, depending on what products you are using before this one.

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