Peripera peri’s tint water, really great tints


8 ml
5 shades
Cherry juice, pink juice, orange juice, mandarin juice and strawberry juice
~7 USD

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

Peripera peri’s tint water
Strawberry juice
 Peripera peri’s tint water
Peripera peri’s tint water
Peripera peri’s tint water
Strawberry juice

My thoughts on Peripera’s Peri’s tint water

I am a huge fan of tints in general and usually I prefer the tints that aren’t so watery. This is a really great tint with a lot of color payout on the first application.

I have three of the tint, cherry, orange and strawberry and my clear favorite are the cherry juice. These are also ok to use as a cheek tint.Peripera peri’s tint water

Since it is a water tint it will bleed into the fine lines around the mouth, so when applying you need to keep the product in the middle of the mouth and then blend out to the edges. If you apply the product all the way you will get bleeding lines around your mouth. You can use a nude or clear lip pen around the lines of your mouth, and this will stop the bleeding.

Peripera peri’s tint water

The tints are very strong in color and for me it is enough with one layer. It dries really quick so be sure to work fast if you use it on the cheeks. They do not leave a sticky feeling to the lips, but they can be a little drying, but you can always use a lip balm on top. Be sure not to lick your lips before the tint is dry, because the taste is really awful.

Peripera peri’s tint water
cherry juice and orange juice

I like the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle and a doe foot applicator.

The tint will last you a few hours if you don’t eat or drink

I give the product 6/7

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