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Etude House Wonder fun lash perm curl-fix mascara review

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Etude House Wonder fun lash perm curl-fix mascara
8g of product
Color swing mint

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My thoughts on Wonder Fun Lash perm curl-fix mascara

This is the first mascara I tried from Etude House, and I really like the formula of it. The color, not so much. I would have preferred the purple one, since I do feel that purple is more workable together with another product then turquoise.

It claims to hold curl for 24 hours and I really am not going to test that out, because I don’t want to sleep in my mascara. What I did was to put it on in the morning and removing it at night.

Etude House Wonder fun lash perm
Etude House Wonder fun lash perm

When applying Wonder fun lash perm curl-fix mascara, it did curl my lashes and made my lashes look longer. I did not curl my lashes before applying this. My lashes are somewhat upwards to begin with, but I only applied mascara on one eye, to be able to see the difference. My husband was looking at me a little weird when he came home. Noticed there was a difference but couldn’t quite put his finger on it. A man thing, I guess.

There are so many ways of using mascara and so many different looks to get, depending on how much you put on. I usually never apply more than one or max two coats. The result I am looking for is always, darker, longer separated and fuller lashes.

I did try applying two coats of this, but I did not like the result due to that if becomes clumpy. Spider lashes aren’t for me at all.

I really did like the wand, it made the application easy, and I didn’t stick it in my eye once (that’s a common thing for me). I will definitely buy another mascara from Etude House, since I really did like the formula and the wand of this one. But then it will be a black one.

Etude House Wonder fun lash perm

Getting the stuff off is a whole different story. It is really difficult removing it. I first tried the milk shake point makeup remover (which I really like, and it usually gets everything off). But not this one, it was totally stuck. I also tried an oil cleanser over that, and still not an easy task. I finally pinched the eyelashes between my nails and did a little pulling. That was the method working for me.

I am not using Wonder fun lash perm curl-fix mascara often since I had such a hard time getting it off. I really feel that my eyes don’t like all the pulling and pressing. And then the color totally sucked for me.

Before I removed it I was really amazed that it actually kept my curl the whole day and that it looked almost the same as when I applied it. So definitely a great point for that.

I give this product 3/7

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