Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk Case

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Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips cases

These product was sent to me from Etude House via the Pink Bird program.

These product were send to me from Etude House via the Pink Bird Program.

These cases are really amazing, I love the way they look, actually all of them and the quality is really high as well.Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk Case

When buying these cases you need to buy the lipsticks that fit and they are called dear my glass tinting lips talk.

Dear My Glass Tinting Lips Talk

This review is a copy of an earlier review, since I was send the same color that I recently reviewed for them, I simply felt that I didn’t have new things to say. I received the color PK 003 (Romantic Frill)

Dear my glass tinting lips talk

These lipsticks are really amazing, they are smooth and great in color. Reminds me more off a lip balm then a lipstick since they are not drying at all. This color is not a color I would have bought myself. I feel that it is way to pink to look good on me. I tend to feel for the more brownish nude tones. But still they are great and I will definitely look into more of these colors.

Pink Bird review
Dear my glass tinting lips talk Romantic frill

The color last a long time on your lips as a tint, as a lipstick not so much just like a regular lipstick.

I love that it leaves a tint, I am a sucker for tints and am not a fan off any stickiness on my lips. These lipsticks leave a balm like feeling after applied which is simply just great. They are really easy to apply, they glide on leaving a smooth moist surface.

Dear my glass tinting lips talk Romantic frill
Dear my glass tinting lips talk Romantic frill

I would not take this with me on a warm summer day, since I do feel they are so soft that they would probably melt.

Etude House Headband

I use a headband every single day when I wash my face and put my makeup on. This is just like every other headband. The cuteness, with the ears is appealing to some and a little childish to some. You decide what category you belong to:-)

Pink Bird review
Etude House Headband

Etude House Pink Bag

Well this one is not so much a review, but I thought I would give it a mention at least. It is a bag, and it is pink.

Pink Bird review
Pink Bird bag

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