Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask
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Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask review/first impression

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Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask
I have a sample size
20 g
14 USD


Tightening the skin after one use.


Aqua (Water). Polyvinyl, Alcohol, Acrylates Copolymer, Carbomer, Arginne, Polyester-1, Carbon Black, Propanediol, Ethyl Hexanediol, Caprylhydroxamic Acid, 1,2-Hexanediol

My thoughts on Popup Beauty Pell Off Glitter Gel Mask

I received this in one of my Glossyboxes and at fist glance I thought ohh, sparkles. I am a lady still and sparkles is always nice. BUT….

Just looking at the packaging of Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask I noticed this is not a product for me. Not because the product comes in a plastic jar but how the jar and lid fit. Mine was really wobbly and if I was to leave this as is. It would dry out rather fast. Instead I added a plastic bag around and this would at least make the mask not dry out.

When looking at it I noticed plastic stars inside the products and my thoughts were many. Either this is a product I will hate or maybe the plastic stars will dissolve containing some magic that will make my skin sparkle..And I will look 10 years younger. My hopes were set high but the realistic part of me started thinking why. Oh why…

Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask
Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask

So what happened.. when applying the Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask it is really sticky and a little hard to work with. I normally use a spatula with the masks that comes in jars. But this was difficult so I needed to use my clean fingers instead. I did feel that I had to add a rather thick layer to be sure I covered my face.
When applying it nothing magical happened. The start that were inside the jar did absolutely nothing except being annoying when applying the products. It is hard to apply the product due to the stars. If you look at the stars they are simply plastic stars which have a lot of sharp edges. This is not what I want on my skin. I actually poked my nose with a star, and when I apply a mask I want that satisfying feeling. But that was completely gone with this product. The stars are there for sparkle, but the products contains so much glitter so they were completely unnecessary.
When I have this product on my skin I feel like I am 12 years old and recently noticed sparkles and glitter. And that is actually what I would call this. A child’s product for fun, and not for the products to actually be doing anything.

Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask
Ohh sprakles Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask

The Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask takes a really long time to dry. It seems to never dry completely so it is not very easy to remove without rinsing it off instead. Then you start thinking. This is not a mask I want to wash off with water since it contains plastic stars and that you don’t want to wash down your drain. You could take out all the little stars by hand but then this mask turns into a project. So what I did was that I plugged the drain and then rinsed my face, then it was easier to remove the plastic stars and put them in a bin instead of down the drain.

This mask contains alcohol so if you have dry or sensitive skin, simply stay away.
The claims of this product is to tighten the skin at the first use. All I can say is no it doesn’t.
So do I think you should spend your money on this. ABSOLUTELY NO..

Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask
Swatch Glitter glitter glitter Popup Beauty Peel Off Glitter Gel Mask

I give this product 0/7

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