Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence review

Box Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence
Box Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence

This Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence came in one of my Mishiboxes and I was really happy to receive this one since I was looking for a product to help with my hyperpigmentation.

The Sam & Sean Essence is from their Lovers line


30 ml
Contains Alcohol and it is listed very high on the ingredient list (4 th), which may cause a problem for sensitive and dry skin
32 USD

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

Box Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence
Box Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence


  • Absorbs fast
  • Brightening
  • Skin Texture and Tone Improvement
  • Moisturizing and Nutrient Supplement

My thoughts on Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence

The essence is a clear lightweight liquid formula and since it contains alcohol it absorbs really quick into my skin, without leaving any stickiness.

The scent is floral fresh and it doesn’t bother me very much. The scent will linger a short time on the skin.

After applying this my skin feels somewhat moisturized but since my skin needs a lot of moisture this is not enough for me.

My skin is reacting to this and I am not sure if it is the alcohol in it or what, I stopped using it on my face and the last drops I used on a scar instead. Just to see if it would help.

Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence
Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence

The packaging

The essence comes in a glass bottle. I simply hate the packaging, the droplet won’t reach the bottom of the bottle, even if I turn the bottle to the side, so you have to pour the last out of the bottle instead.

The outside of the bottle is so slippery so I dropped it like 50 times and it simply pisses me off. I add this after my toner which means that my hands have product on them and that is the reason the bottle becomes so slippery. I am not going to wash my hands between every single step.

Swatch Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence
Swatch Sam & Sean Broccoli Essence

For the claims

  • Absorbs fast: Yes, it does
  • Brightening: Not to my skin
  • Skin Texture and Tone Improvement: Not to my skin
  • Moisturizing and Nutrient Supplement: Yes, it is

I give this product 1/7

Where to get it


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