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Secret Key prestige snail repairing booster review


150 ml
15 USD


Helps the next skin care steps to absorb better
Improves the skins elasticity
Improves wrinkles

What is EGF?

EGF stands for Epidermal growth factor (only read this part if you are interested), and are naturally occurring proteins in your body that regulates growth at cellular level.

Might increase collagen production, thoughts are divided on this. I am leaning on towards not on that one. Nobel prize 1986 for the discovery of EGF (among other things).

If you are interested in more facts on the topic, follow the link to Nobel prize website 

What’s been shown is that EGF stimulates the growth of many different cells, understanding the signals from the cell to the outer environment and the transport of substances from the outside to the inside of a cell. Which is really important when it comes to skincare? If you think about it, we want the products we put on our skin to penetrate and really work where they are supposed to, that is on a cellular level and changing the structure of our skin (hyperpigmentation, redness, wrinkles and so on). So, this is basically EGF.

I am not going in to this deeper, but it is really interesting so follow the link if you need the knowledge

Secret key snail EGF booster
Secret key snail EGF booster

How to use it

After cleansing just slap it on and pat it in?, just like you would any toner.

My thoughts on Secret key prestige snail repairing booster

I am always skeptical to these many in one products because I usually feel that it is not possible to be as good (thinking of washer and dryer in the same machine, what an amazing thing, or not). I always feel that I will have the time to add my layers or I rather skip some.


The fluid is clear and it is somewhat watery, but you do feel the snail product in it so it is a little slimy, as it should be. The scent is really way too much and I really don’t get it why you need that much in a product. To me it smells like old lady, but that is probably just my nose. I am really sensitive to strong smell and prefer products that has no to slight smell.

It is a three in one kind of product, toner, emulsion and essence. So, if you are in a rush in the mornings this might be perfect for you.

It is somewhat moisturizing on my skin, but not enough. My skin is really dry so that might be the problem for me.

It does absorb rather quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky feeling, so one can easily add the next steps without turning the face into a sticky mess.

The packaging is nice, it is a white glass bottle with a plastic gold lid. I always think that glass bottles are more fancy. Anybody disagreeing?

This is a toner that feels nice on the skin, and to me that is all it is. The smell is so strong so I really don’t feel like using it. The snail part of it is the only thing keeping me to use it. And the fact that I am way to economical (you may use another word for it, but economical is fine by me) to throw things out.

It is not a product I will buy again

I give this product 2/7

Swatch Secret key snail EGF booster
Swatch Secret key snail EGF booster

Where to get Secret Key prestige snail repairing booster



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