Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel
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Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel review

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Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel
120 ml
All skin types

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How to use it

Cleanse your skin and pat dry (really dry, otherwise the peeling effect wont work), apply a moderate amount and massage you face for about 30 seconds. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times a week depending on your skin type.

Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel
Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel

My thoughts on Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel

This is a product that is recommended for dull skin, blackheads, pore problems like excessive sebum (oily skin types) and for skin that is really dry like mine.

I just love peeling gels and I think this is that type of product that everyone should use for their skin. peeling gels are much softer on the skin than for example a sugar scrub. Which makes this a perfect type of product for sensitive skin types as well. I have super dry skin and I know a lot of people who thinks that if you have dry skin you should not exfoliate. But nothing could be more wrong about that. if you have dry areas and flaky skin it is more important than ever to exfoliate and get rid of those dry patches. The only thing is that you shouldn’t over exfoliate than your skin will actually be worse than before. This is of course a rule for every skin type, but since I have dry skin I know how my skin reacts if I overdo it.

Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel
Swatch Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel

The packaging is a simple tube with a flip cap and suites the product well. The gel is creamy white and really easy to use.

Papaya and lemon is a perfect peeling ingredient since they contain enzymes and AHA which helps in exfoliating the skin. I will not go more into ingredient analysis. But if you are interested let me know.

This is supposed to be used on clean skin but I do have one problem with it, it leaves a lot of residue on my skin after using it. that is, I still feel the product on my skin. and it feels like it is still there and I need to rinse. So, what I do is that I start with an oil cleanser, and then I use my peeling gel. After that I wash again with a foam cleanser and by doing this I get that feeling of left over product gone and my skin feels smooth and clean instead.

Secrety key lemon sparkling peelinig gel 005
Secret Key lemon sparkling peeling gel

It is scented and of course by lemon (hence the name😊). The scent is quite strong, but it is fresh and doesn’t bother me. I am usually very sensitive to smells but fresh smells don’t tend to set my nose in a warning mode.

I give this product 6/7

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