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Secret key repairing mask pack snail mask review

Secret key repairing mask pack snail mask
Secret key repairing mask pack snail mask


20 g

How to use it

Cleanse your face and use a toner, then apply the mask and leave it on for 15-20 min, I usually leave it on longer. Then remove the mask and pat in the essence to your skin. Apply the rest of your routine and go on with your day.

My thoughts on Secret key repairing mask pack snail mask

This is a good mask but it doesn’t wow me. I feel that there are better snail masks to buy. I really do love my snail product and I think that snail mucus is just amazing in skincare and it can do wonders for your skin. The mask is easy to apply because it is a little thicker but not too thick though. The fitting is really nice with quite large holes for the eyes (that is usually an issue for me), it might be a little short in the forehead, but I have a long forehead so that is not an issue.

The mask feels really nice on the skin and it doesn’t dry too fast so you will get full use of it.

When removing the mask, it doesn’t make my skin feel really hydrated though, not like a lot of other snail masks.

I give this product 2/7


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