Trying the Silkah Frozen 18 series for 4 weeks. Will I look younger than before, that is the question.

Silkah Frozen 18 skin care products

These products were sent to me for review purpose via Amabié, which is a beauty community for people all over the world.
My thoughts are of course my own and my review is my honest thoughts of the Frozen 18 line.

Silkah frozen 18
Silkah frozen 18

Silkah frozen 18

What I received

  • 2 boxes of Frozen 18 (4 weeks of products)
  • 1 regenerating moisturizer
  • 5 revitalizing hydrating mask (sheet masks)

Silkah frozen 18

Silkah revitalizing hydrating mask
Silkah revitalizing hydrating mask

My expectations

I didn’t have many expectations but rather I was expecting my skin to be really dry since my normal routine is the Korean skincare routine which includes around 10 steps and products. My skin is extremely dry. And before changing my routine into the Korean one, I used to have small wounds in my skin and simply put, my skin was painful. So more or less I was expecting my skin to go back to the old ways. As for my wrinkles, I simply didn’t expect much.

In this review, I will not go into what all the ingredients do, that will be a little too much, instead I will give you the links above, to their webpage, so you simply can read what you choose to.

When I started with these products I simply stopped using everything else on my skin, so if there was any difference, it would not be the rest of my products causing it.


At the first glance these products looks really luxurious, the outer packaging is nice and the whole product line seems very well thought through.

I do have a problem with the packaging of the moisturizer. The container feels very plastic and flimsy. You need to twist the tube to get the pump to become visible (this part I do like) but when pressing on the pump you need to hold your finger straight down otherwise a part of the pump gets stuck and you can’t press down. I tend to hold this in one hand and press down, which makes my finger press down in an angle and therefore this problem will continue.

Silkah regenerating moisturizer Silkah regenerating moisturizer

This is a product you actually mix yourself, but don’t be alarmed, it is simply pouring one liquid into a tiny glass bottle with a pump. This you do every three days so it is really no big of a deal.

Silkah Frozen 18
The powder that is in the bottle
Silkah Frozen 18
Added the activisor

The packaging of the frozen 18 is simple and nice. First I didn’t realize why I needed the little wooden part, but simply when holding the mixed frozen 18 in that tiny bottle it is really difficult getting the product out. By putting it in the wooden holder the grip becomes larger and it is much easier to use.Silkah Frozen 18

You use it directly after washing your face with cleanser. You spray it on and pat it in. Then you add the regenerating moisturizer.

Sheet mask

Used it on Thursday evening the first week of using the products. You use this after using the Frozen 18. I did have some problems applying this mask. It comes with two layers you need to take off. First it is a plastic layer that needs to be peeled off, then you apply the mask and remove the second extra layer.  I felt that it was easier to simply remove both layers before applying it to my face.

When removing the mask, my skin felt tightened and cooled, but not so hydrated though. The mask has hyaluronic acid in it and it didn’t strip my skin but it didn’t leave it feeling moisturized either.

Regenerating moisturizer

This is great moisturizer, it is really hydrating even though I really wasn’t expecting it to be. It isn’t heavy at all on the skin. And usually my skin really needs to feel packed with moisture for me to be able to wake up in the morning not feeling dry. So, if you have a normal skin type this will probably be an amazing moisturizer for you.

Silkah regenerating moisturizer
Silkah regenerating moisturizer

My conclusions

Over the four weeks of me using this I felt that my skin became calmer and more even in tone. Simply my skin felt fresh. I also feel that the skin under my eyes got a little bit lighter.

After 4 weeks I noticed that my skin was much drier than before. I usually use my Korean routine and since I was only allowed to use these product during my evening routine and no serums I was expecting this to happen.



As for my wrinkles, I really can’t say. I don’t feel that it did anything to my wrinkles. These pictures are taken in my bathroom, with the same lighting and the same settings on my camera. Still it is so important to know that a wrinkle might show more or less depending on how you tilt your head. If your head is not completely fixated in the same position. You really need to be skeptical to any information showing you a picture of reduced wrinkles. (I used to work as a photography assistant, and when taking pictures of scars (for insurance) this was really important. Therefor I know that it is impossible to say for sure just looking at a picture.

Result forehead
Result forehead

If you see in my pictures that my wrinkles look less visible, it simply might be due to me holding my head in different positions. When doing this review I was told to make my photos as exact as possible. But simply it is impossible if you don’t have a head rest of some sort. As for me, I simply couldn’t say. This is also true when it comes to skin tone and factors being how you slept, environment, pillowcase, etc. I will write a complete post on the topic of how people present “results” but that will be on my blog only.


Will I buy it?

The value of this set is 357 USD and that is really a lot of money. For me that is too much for even considering using these products after this. And then it is only for one month.

I would love to tell everybody that there is a miracle product out there that might make you look 10 years younger. But sorry I can’t do that. Instead I will give you this advise.  When your skin is looking its best, that is when you will look the most beautiful, despite age and wrinkles.


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