Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash
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Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash review


Its base is papaya
13 USD

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

Why enzymes in skin care?

I will do a full post on this as well, but one of the good reasons is that enzymes are really gentle to the skin and don’t damage the live tissue as a lot of other products do.

What is this and how to use it?

This is simply a cleanser in a weird form. It comes as a powder and you add water and then use the foam to cleanse your face. You can also leave it on your skin for a little while before you wash it off (supposed to kill bacteria) and might be really good if you have acne.

Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash
Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash

The claims

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Smoothens your skin
  • Faster cell regeneration
  • Balance uneven skin pigmentation.
The powder
The powder

My thoughts on Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash

I have really mixed feelings about this one. A part of me really likes it and a part of me is more like oh well, so what. The product itself is actually a little fun. Seeing these tiny balls turning into foam, somewhat excites me. If that is weird, so be it. And I do like the foam itself. The powder is milky white and when adding water and rubbing my hands together it creates a nice foam. I do feel that my skin likes this one to a certain point, and when using it my skin feels nice. After using it for a few days in a row, my skin gets drier. I do exfoliate a lot, since I have super dry skin, so this might be the reason. That it is simply too much exfoliation. I am not sure though. But I really do think this one is worth a try. Your skin might love it.

Foaming up
Foaming up

Answering the claims

  • Remove dead skin cells, yes
  • Eliminates bacteria: impossible to answer
  • Smoothens your skin; yes, since it does exfoliate a little
  • Cell regeneration: impossible to say
  • Balance uneven skin tone: not on my skin

I give this product 4/7


Were to get it



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