Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash
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Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash first impression

This product was in one of my Mishiboxes, and in that box this product was actually the only one I wanted to try.

Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash
Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash

Skin Watchers enzyme powder wash is simply a cleanser but it comes in powder form. It sounds really weird, and I am not sure to why, but I was really excited to try it out.

What you do is that you wet your hands and add the powder, rub your hands together to foam it up, and then wash your face. I feel that it is impossible to bring this one in the shower, I would ruin it for sure.

When I tried this, I was surprised because it is a really gentle cleanser. It does exfoliate a little when you use it, but the exfoliating capabilities are very small. I don’t smell anything when sniffing the bottle.

So far looking good for this one. I am really looking forward in trying it out some more.

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