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My ultimate skincare routine December 2022

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Testing and changing a skincare routine

This is my current Skincare routine December 2022: As a skincare nerd I always change my routine a lot. This mainly because I do reviews for this blog but also because I really love trying different products out. As I write this post I am currently testing The lip and eye remover from The Saem and the Isntree toner. It is impossible to try too many products at the same time since I wouldn’t know what product did what.

But of course it is okay to test different types of products as long as they don’t have the same properties. As for this routine I still haven’t written reviews on the moisturizer or one of the serums but I will do this as soon as I finish my thoughts on the toner and then I switch that one out to a toner I know and used before to be able to say anything about the other products. So I never change too many products at the same time.

One thing I always do is follow the Korean skincare routine. That is simply layering products to suit my skin type. You don’t have to follow the Korean skincare routine to be able to use the products. You simply use the once you like no matter if there is two or five products.

This routine is my current routine if I use makeup. The days I don’t there will be less amount of products in my routine. But I will let you know.

As for daytime vs nigh time routine I really don’t switch that much up. I don’t use sleeping masks during the day and I might remove a serum. But during winter my skin needs almost all of this both day and night. During summer time my night time routine differs much more from my daytime routine.

So this is my current skincare routine December 2022


This first step is super important. I always use a makeup remover for my eye makeup (if I use eye makeup that is). The second type of cleanser I use is an oil cleanser. The next cleanser is a foam cleanser. I don’t use foam cleansers if I haven’t had makeup on, since I sometimes feel that it is too much for my dry skin.

Skincare routine December 2022
Skincare routine December 2022 Cleansers

Eye makeup remover

-The Saem – Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Lip & Eye Remover (shop)

Oil cleanser

Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil (shop)

Foam cleanser

Isntree Sensitive Balancing Bubble Foam (shop)

Peeling and exfoliating

This is not a step I use every day. Often I use it once- two times a week depending on what my skin needs.

-Tiam Berry very soft peeling gel (shop)


Toners is also an interesting product group and sometimes I add two of them just because I can. Usually I do this when I have a toner that is not doing much for my skin and I add this as my first toner, but it might have other properties I like. Then I add a second one that is more moisturizing for my skin. At this moment I am only using one toner.

-Isntree green tea fresh toner (shop)

Serums and Ampoules

This category is that category you can go wild and really target areas you have problems with. My main problems are hyper pigmentation, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and moisture. So that is usually what I look for.

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule (shop)

-Zymogen Houttuynia Cordata Ferment Serum (shop)

(this is one of those products I really don’t know why I bought. It is supposed to help with acne scars (but I don’t have any) and it is supposed to help oily skin (I have super dry skin) but it is also supposed to be moisturizing.

-iUNIK Noni Light Oil Serum (shop)
Anti aging and moisturizing

Moisturizers and emulsions

This is the most important step in my skincare routine. This is because my skin is dry and winter is here (living in Sweden) it can get really cold. The colder the weather the dryer my skin gets so adding a good moisturizer to my routine can change everything. I often use an emulsion (which is basically a light moisturizer as a firsts one. And a thicker one on top.


Isntree Green Tea Fresh Emulsion (shop)


-Rovectin – Clean Lotus Water Cream (shop)

Sleeping mask (only at night time) or a sun cream.

This last step is normally what I add during the colder times when my skin is really dry. By adding a sleeping mask on top I add that extra bit of moisture on my skin.

COSRX ultimate Nourishing rice overnight spa mask (shop)

During the day I also add a sun cream if I am going outside. During the winter period it is almost impossible to get a glimpse of the sun in my country and if I do spend the day outside I will absolutely add some sun cream on top.

How does your skincare routine look like?

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