Skinfood black sugar mask
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Skinfood black sugar mask review


100 g product in a jar.
~11 USD
Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

This is one of Korea’s best-selling products and it is considered a holy grail too many, including me.

Skinfood black sugar mask
Skinfood black sugar mask

How to use it

Wash your face before you apply it and while your face is wet, apply in gentle circular motions, and if it feels too harsh just add some more water to your hands while applying. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then gently wash it off.

Use it once or twice a week depending on your skin type.

Skinfood black sugar mask
Skinfood black sugar mask

My thoughts on the Skinfood black sugar mask

Love is in the air. This is a must have in my routine and I use it once or twice a week, depending if I use a chemical peeler or not. My skin loves this product and I feel moisturized and soft as a baby’s butt after using it. I used to make my own sugar scrub with milk, honey, sugar and olive oil. But this is better. If I keep using it twice a week my skin doesn’t become flaky and I can’t see any dry patches. When having dry skin it is really important to exfoliate due to that you get rid of the harsh dry patches and you let the product you put on afterwards actually penetrate the surface.

The exfoliating ingredient is Brazilian black sugar. Sugar is a really good exfoliator because it melts while you massage you skin. Other ingredient like nut shells is much harsher on the skin and can cause some irritation.

The product smells like sweet citrus. It is quite strong scented but it doesn’t bother me at all, and I am usually quite sensitive to strong smells.

There is no spatula with the jar which is the only downside of this product. So make sure that your hands are clean before you dip them into the jar. The scrub is really thick but you only need a tiny bit. It is also very cheap for the amount of product you get.

I would not recommend using this if you are in the middle of a break out, due to that it can actually spread the bacteria instead. Instead use it after or before.

There is another product called strawberry black sugar mask which will be my next purchase. It is supposed to smell great and has the same benefits as the normal sugar mask.

Skinfood black sugar mask
Skinfood black sugar mask

 I give this product 7/7


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