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Sleek matte me shade Roasted Almonds review

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Sleek matte me
19 shades I have Roasted Almonds
6 ml


Cant seem to find them

Doe foot applicator Sleek matte me
Doe foot applicator Sleek matte me

My thought on Sleek matte me

This is not a shade I would look for in a store at all, it is too brown for me. But I did get it in one of my Lookfantastic subscription boxes.

Sometimes when I receive a subscription box I get the feeling that this is a product that is impossible to sell and they have a huge stock that they need to get rid off. This is one of those products for me.

I do like brown shades but on others, not on my self. Probably I haven’t found the right shade yet but I am really not searching.

The packaging is really nice and do like it a lot. Sleek matte me comes with a doe foot applicator and it is really easy to use.

Sleek matte me
Sleek matte me

Before using any type of matte lipsticks I always exfoliate my lips. If I don’t the product wont glide on very nicely and all my dry small flakes will be super visible.

I prefer using lip balms underneath my lipstick. I just think that dry lipsticks is too drying and prefer using a balm underneath, just to get a smoother result.

This lipstick is a matte liquid lipstick and as always before using a matte lipstick you should really exfoliate your lips first. If you don’t, you will see every dry flake there is.

Before using Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick I exfoliate and then I add a lip balm since I do feel that liquid lipsticks are too drying.

The formula is really lovely and nice. When applying it goes on really smooth. It dries rather fast on my lips without leaving them feeling sticky. After an hour it does become a little patchy on my lips. I simply apply a little bit of lip balm on top and it blends in really nicely again.

I love that these lipsticks are unscented. Why brands decides to scent there lip products is beyond me. I don’t mind a little scent but some brands seems to treat a lipstick as a perfume. And I just really don’t get it.

But overall a really great matte lipstick

Shade Roasted Almond Sleek matte me
Shade Roasted Almond


This shade is absolutely not for me. The formula is really lovely and I do like it a lot.

I give this product 5/7

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