Pink bird Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream, pure love or not


Original size is 30 ml, I got 7 ml sample size
All skin types and sensitive skin

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma


It is a moisturizing cream to strengthen skin’s resistance with protein barrier

Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream
Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream Furthest to the left

How to apply it

Apply as you would any other cream and pat in the product for faster absorption.

My thoughts on Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream

It has synthetic perfume in it, but I really don’t smell anything (which is positive for me).

Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream
Swatch Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream

The cream is white and very creamy. It is easy to apply and penetrates the skin rather quickly. My skin feels smooth and happy when I used it. The cream feels nice on my skin but I do feel dryness during the day. I have really dry skin so this is usually a problem for my skin and not only for this product. Since I was testing these products out, I was not using my normal routine with serums and hyaluronic acids. Just to let me know how these products are working on their own.

I do feel that if you have normal and sensitive skin, this might be great for you.

The claims of this product are also impossible for me to say anything about due to the amount of product I received. I live in a country (Sweden) that is very clean compared to many others, and I live in a small village surrounded by lakes and forest, so the effects of city pollution do not apply on me. Yet that doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from this product. Pollution is everywhere, but I am just saying that if you live in a large city, this might be more noticeable to you.

Where to get it


Etude House

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