• Where to buy Korean skincare

    Best shopping

    There are lots of places to buy Korean products or Asian beauty products. These are a few places I recommend. I've bought from most of them and my experience are positive. Usually when buying from Asian stores you get a lot of samples at the same time. The only place I bought from and didn't receive samples from is the Roseroseshop.

  • Haul Jolse June 2021

    Haul Jolse June 2021

    There are a lot of stores in Sweden as well where you can buy K-beauty but the prices are usually really high and if I buy a little bit more products I always end up buying from South Korea.

  • Glossybox April 2018
    Subscription boxes

    Glossybox April 2018

    What is Glossybox? This is simply a subscription box with Non-Korean products. You get a few products every month to try out and I tried it a long time ago and subscribed for a year and now I wanted to start up again. The postal service in Sweden has gone bananas and decided to charge at least 75 SEK (which is about 8.50 USD) for every parcel ordered outside EU, no matter the value of the order. Then you pay taxes on top of that.…

  • Basic skincare

    Skincarisma; What is ingredient analysis

    You probably always heard that one divide skin types into oily, combination, normal, dry or sensitive skin types. Truly it is really misleading since two people with oily skin types can still have the opposite reaction to the same product. So, dividing your skin into one of these categories are just the first step. To really know what you skin reacts to or like, you need to analyze the ingredients of your product. By doing this it is easy to see what product and ingredients…