• Missha vs Purito
    Comparing products,  Face Makeup

    Missha vs Purito BB cream: battle of the best

    When Comparing Missha vs Purito BB cream they are almost identical, I do find that the Purito sets a little bit faster than Misshas but that isn't something that bothers me. Both are really easy to apply (I usually use my hands) but they work well with sponge or brush as well. Both have medium coverage and they are both buildable

  • Comparing Skinfood Sugar Masks
    Comparing products,  Facial Masks

    Skinfood black sugar masks compared

    The Skinfood black sugar mask are exfoliating masks that you apply on a wet face, massage into your skin and then you leave it for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes are up you rinse the face with lukewarm water and then apply you skincare as normally. I have tried all three different versions of this mask and I really think that all of them are great but there are differences between them and I do have a favorite.