• Etude House secret beam highlighter
    Face Makeup

    Etude House Secret beam highlighter: review

    I find the highlighter to be a little chalky but it blends easy and doesn’t look patchy on my skin. If you are like me, super dry and prefer not to use powders on top of foundation. Be sure that your foundation or BB cream has set before applying a powder on top or you will have problems with patchiness.

  • Dear my glass tinting lips talk
    Favorites,  Lip Makeup

    Etude House Dear My Glass Tinting Lips talk: review

    The lipsticks are really moisturizing on the lips and feels almost like a balm instead of a lipstick. It also leaves a tint on my lips and I am really a sucker for tints. Or at least products that I really can’t feel or if I have to feel them I really want them to be moisturizing. The color lasts a long time as a tint, and not so much as a lipstick. I really don’t expect them to since they are really moisturizing, and…

  • Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream

    Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream review

    This cream feels really nice on my skin when I apply it. It almost glides on my face which is probably the benefit of the Silica in the product. The consistency is a little jelly like and bouncy (if that is a word one can use to describe a cream). This is scented, but it is not a scent that is bothering me (I am usually quite sensitive to smell). On my skin, this cream absorbs rather quickly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky.

  • Etude House dear darling water gel tint
    Lip Makeup

    Etude House dear darling water gel tint review

    I received three colors of these tints, and really colors I like and will be able to use a lot. The colors I got was The packaging is just the cutest ever and I really like it a lot. It just feels like they did that little extra again. This is a part of their summer collection and is there any better way of presenting a tint in form of an ice cream? I just think they look really amazing. The packaging is very sturdy…

  • Etude House play color eyes
    Eye Makeup

    Etude House Play Color Eyes in Cherry Blossom review

    This palette has the perfect spring and summer colors. It really gets me in a summer mood just looking at it. The palette consists of a mix between matte, shimmery and glittery colors, so you can really make a lot of different looks using it. I am not a makeup artist so I will not show you any looks made with this palette, since I do feel that there are those who would do a much better job in showing you that. But I will…