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Pink bird Soon Jung 5-panthenoside Cica Balm first impression, pure love or not?

This is a product my skin likes, it is the last step of the Soon Jung routine and it really adds that extra that my skin needs. For its claims to heal the skin and reduce skin irritation, I can simply not say anything, since these types of claims needs time to be noticed, and it is nothing one can see overnight. The cream is thick and white, it is easy to apply and penetrates rather quickly in my skin

Pink bird Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream, pure love or not

Soon Jung 2x barrier intensive cream

It has synthetic perfume in it, but I really don’t smell anything (which is positive for me).The cream is white and very creamy. It is easy to apply and penetrates the skin rather quickly. My skin feels smooth and happy when I used it. The cream feels nice on my skin but I do feel dryness during the day. I have really dry skin so this is usually a problem for my skin and not only for this product

Pink bird first impression Soon Jung pH 5.5 relief toner, Pure love or not?


I am only making a first impression of this due to that I simply think that there isn’t enough product in a sample to give an honest review of it. Therefor a first impression is more suited.

The toner has no smell, which is a huge plus for me. I am really not a fan of scented products. I really think that when you have so many products on your face, body, hair etc., and everything has a scent.

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