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Focallure matte lipsticks pen: review

Shade 07 and 11

These are simply amazing. I really can’t find one thing about these that I doesn’t like. They truly have it all.

These Focallure lipsticks comes in a pretty and simple packaging which I really like. They also come in a pen form which I find easier to apply then a regular lipstick.

I don’t were lipsticks very often, I always seem to forget when going somewhere. I really don’t know why that is because I really think lipsticks are pretty and makes the face more alive. I do consider myself not being able to find many shades that suites me and I really don’t know why. I guess that there are people who can rock off any shade and then there is me.

Dirt cheap lip liners from Ebay. MeNow lip liners set of 12

MeNow true color lip liner

These are really great for the money you pay for them. They only sell these in a set, but the prize is so amazing that it is fine ordering them even if you only use one color.
They are easy to apply and some colors are smoother than others. You could always warm them up as you would a harder eye liner if you need to.
The colors really suites me since I am more into nudes, reds, and browner tones.

What are tints/stains?

Etude House dear darling water gel tint

It is a mainly just a pop of color on your lips. It leaves no glossiness or shine to the lips but simply just stain them to add a little bit of color. They are usually buildable and you can actually get a real color to your lip. Usually a tint is very long lasting or at least longer lasting then a regular lipstick or a gloss.

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