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Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Blur Primer

Innisfree No sebum mineral blur primer

The color of the primer is skin toned, which is really great since it matches my skin tone a lot better than white primers. A lot of Korean products wants to make you look paler then you are. Since that is the fashion in Korea. When you are darker in color rather than super pale, this can be a problem due to that these products will make you look uneven (not matching your neck or chest) and paler than natural. Therefor a skin toned primer is the safer choice.

Pink Bird review, Etude House fix & fix tone up primer in mint

Etude House FIx & Fix Primer

I really have difficulties using Korean green primers. These primers are simply primers to even your skin tone from redness (which I do have) and to make the final result more even. But what always seem to happen on me is that I look like a freakish clown. I turn completely pale and that to me is not even the skin tone at all, that is simply bleaching my appearance.

Update on Etude House proof 10 eye primer

etude house proof 10 eye primer

I contacted Etude House due to the question i had about the new applicator on the product and i did get an answer from them. They have changed the doe foot applicator into a brush. So the product i reviewed is the new one. The old applicator was really great but i guess you get a smaller amount when applying with the new little brush instead

Etude House proof 10 eye primer review

etude house proof 10 eye primer

The reasons for using a primer underneath your eye makeup is that the colors will turn out much stronger and they will last you way longer in spite if you have oily eyelids. It acts like glue to the eye lids and evens out the surface of the eyelid, making the shadows blend easily.

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