• Where to buy Korean skincare

    Best shopping

    There are lots of places to buy Korean products or Asian beauty products. These are a few places I recommend. I've bought from most of them and my experience are positive. Usually when buying from Asian stores you get a lot of samples at the same time. The only place I bought from and didn't receive samples from is the Roseroseshop.

  • Haul Jolse December 2020

    Haul Jolse December 2020

    This time it was a sale at Jolse so I needed... or wanted to buy some new products to try out. This is my last haul this year so I figure it will last for a while.

  • Haul Eleven

    Haul from Eleven | an absolute amazing product

    My skin has been acting up and every single bb cream I have tried (even the once I love) are looking weird on my skin. I have super dry skin and really need something that doesn't make my skin feel dry after a few hours. Winter is coming fast and with winter my dry skin gets even worse.

  • Haul Gekås

    Haul Gekås

    Me, one of my sisters and my mom went to this huge store in Sweden called Gekås. It is located in a small village called Ullared and people come from all over

  • Haul Jolse October

    Haul Jolse October 2019

    Here comes another haul from Jolse cosmetics. This time around I was looking for skincare to help during winter time that is coming in fast. I live in Sweden and winters can be really harsh on my skin so looking forward in trying to see if I find some holy grail products among these.