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Pink bird, Etude House honey cera sample kit first impression

Honey Cera kit

This toner is milky white and like a regular Korean toner, thicker in consistency, but still very fluent. The toner absorbs rather quick into my skin without leaving a sticky finish and I do like this one. I don’t think I will buy it again, simply because there are other toners I like better.
There are some acne triggers in this product so if you are sensitive or acne prone I would recommend you to check out the ingredients first This one smells like sweet honey and I really love the scent off this.

Trying the Silkah Frozen 18 series for 4 weeks. Will I look younger than before, that is the question.

Silkah frozen 18

I didn’t have many expectations but rather I was expecting my skin to be really dry since my normal routine is the Korean skincare routine which includes around 10 steps and products. My skin is extremely dry. And before changing my routine into the Korean one, I used to have small wounds in my skin and simply put, my skin was painful. So more or less I was expecting my skin to go back to the old ways. As for my wrinkles, I simply didn’t expect muc

The cream of all creams, COSRX honey ceramide full moisture cream

Cosrx honey ceramide full moisture cream

This is the one, it truly is. This cream is so moisturizing that it makes my skin feel so soft and happy each morning that I think I will never use another cream ever again. But since I am a blogger I have too, it is just a need I have.

I don’t think this product works for everyone. If you have really oily skin, this might not be the one for you, at least not as a day cream.

The Face shop Rice water bright cleansing oil, just an amazing product: review

The face shop Rice Water Bright

I’ve heard so much about this one before I decided to buy it. It is an oil cleanser and it does a wonderful job in removing the makeup on the skin. I do have a huge issue with this one and that is that it is super strong scented. I have a really sensitive nose, when it comes to smell and I usually prefer my products to be non-scented or very lightly scented. This will actually be the reason and only reason for me not to buy this product again.

An eye cream from Mizon that gets no love from me, Mizon Power Collagen Firming Eye Cream

Mizon collagen firming eye cream

This eye cream is really moisturizing. If you have dry areas around your eyes, this might be perfect for you. This is the only product I can say is actually too moisturizing for me. I do see a difference after applying this, but I do think it is simply because the area is really moist. A shiny surface looks smoother than a surface that is dry. I also feel that it plumps my eyes somewhat and make them puffy (and I really don’t like that).

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