Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer
Face Makeup,  Not for me

Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer review

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Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer
Hydrating primer
30 ml


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How to use it

Apply over entire face before applying foundation or a BB cream.

My thoughts on Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer

This is one of those products I actually bought without doing any research on it and it is probably not a primer I would buy if I had read the information on it. But I was searching for a new primer and just stumbled upon this in the store Gekås, so I just took it and decided to try it out.

Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer is a super cheap primer and that is absolutely fine with me. I am not one of those persons who believe that expensive is always better.

Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer
Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer


It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a pipette. It is a perfect packaging and I just think it looks really pretty.

What about the primer itself. Well it is super strongly scented. And it is a scent that I really don’t like because it smells like sugar. I like sugar, don’t get me wrong but I don’t like when my skincare or makeup literally stinks of sugar. I am one of those persons who don’t mind a little scent but not like this. And I do prefer when a product has a more fresh scent to it. The scent does linger on the skin for a really long time. So if you are sensitive to strong smells stay away.

Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer is pink and looks really pretty in its packaging. It is somewhat lightweight as has some shimmer to it making it look really hydrating on the skin.

Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer

Sadly it is not hydrating at all for my skin type. I do have really dry skin and I usually go for an oil primer instead but they were out therefor I went for this one. But since it gives a nice glow to the skin it will look nice. It also leaves a sticky finish which is perfectly fine since you are supposed to apply another product on top of this one. And that stickiness goes away.

I do feel when I use it, it helps my makeup to apply better and smoother but it is not a primer I would buy again mainly for the scent.

Technic Enchanting Elixir Primer


This is not a great primer for me, my eyes react to it and that is just not a nice feeling. I really cant say it does much at all for my skin more than it does make the foundation apply easy on top of it.

I give this product 3/7

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