Testing Klairs products together and WHAT! Total fail for me.

First I will just say, that I have no problems with the brand Klairs at all. I just noticed that it looked weird on my skin and wanted to see what really happens.

These products are bought by me from Wishtrend some time ago, and I have always had the same problems with them. I just had them stored, and every time I tested them I got the same result. I don’t know it I got a bad concealer or if there are anybody else out there who have the same experience. Please let me know. It would be really interesting to know if it is my product or. (I do suspect that it is, due to that this concealer is popular).

Klairs creamy and fit concealer
Klairs creamy and fit concealer
Klairs illuminating supple blemish cream
Klairs illuminating supple blemish cream

My separate reviews of the products

Klairs creamy and natural fit concealer
Klairs illuminating supple blemish cream

When i first bought these I had such high hopes for them, due to the yellow based BB cream and the products were really appreciated by a lot of people. after my first use I realized that I didn’t like it. The BB cream was too light and the concealer way to dark to match the BB cream. So i decided to compare them side by side to see what it looked like. is it me or? I was a little surprised that both products only comes in one shade, so their isn’t anything to choose from.

The first photo is a swatch of the two products side by side, the concealer (nr 2) is a little bit darker and more towards the pink side compared to the BB cream (1)

Klairs test
1 is the BB cream and 2 is the concealer

On this next picture they are blended. Again the shades doesn’t seem to match, but it is not that bad. I took pictures at different angles just to be able to see.

test klairs
1 is BB cream and 2 is concealer

What I feel is really weird is that on me at least the concealer is super dark compared to the BB cream. As time passes the concealer gets darker and darker. I want products to oxidize with my skin but not to this extent and your will see why on the next picture.

This is actually getting darker all the time, and this is about 40 minutes after application.

The product has oxidized (this photo is also a little lighter so the difference is even bigger in real life).

I added another line, nr 3 which is a fresh swatch of the concealer, and you see the difference in color. Nr 2 and 3 is the concealer. Nr 1 is the BB cream

Same as above, just blended the freshly swatched concealer

According to application instructions on the concealer it says to apply concealer first and then BB cream so I did, just to see if I would get a different result.

Nr 3 is now one layer of concealer and one layer of BB cream. Suddenly the shades actually seems to match, somewhat. The line across, is to show you what area I added the BB cream. The BB has light coverage.

Then I set the alarm on 20 minutes to see what happens. My thoughts were that maybe the BB cream would somehow stop the major oxidization of the concealer.

As seen on the last picture it still oxidizes some, but not as much. I still couldn’t use these products together due to the differences in shades. I really think this is weird and it was not what I expected to happen.


I don’t know why the product react like this on my skin. I have tested it with different skin care routines and I still get the same result. It would be really interesting in to see what happens when you guys do the same. Or at least testing the concealer and see if it oxidizes as mine do. Take a picture and send to me and I can add them here. Would be really interesting. I really like the concealer (if it matched on me). The concealing properties of the product is great.

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