Thank You Farmer miracle age first impression (one sample only)

True Farmer Miracle age repair
True Farmer Miracle age repair


I received one sample each of

Miracle age repair serum
Miracle age repair eye cream
Miracle age repair cream

My thoughts on Thank You Farmer miracle age

Usually I would not write anything about a product when I only have one sample to try out, but this product really surprised me. Thank you farmer is a brand I am really interested in, since the products I have been trying before really impressed me. This line really made a bad first impression on me, and I really have not seen anyone who didn’t like it. Which is really surprising to me since I really don’t feel I can be the only one with this experience.

I do know that I have tried the product only twice (each sample lasted me twice) and as I said I would really not write either a first impression or any type of review on a product I only tried so few times (unless it is a sheet mask, then I do first impressions). But this time I just couldn’t keep quiet, yes, I do have a big mouth.

So, what am I making all the noise about then?

The miracle age repair serum

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

This is the only product I will not complain about actually. The serum feels nice on my skin and does penetrate nicely. My skin simply feels nice, and this is a product I would really love to try out as a full-size product. The prize of it really not in my budget range so I will probably not buy it just to try it out since the sample didn’t wow me.

The miracle age repair eye cream

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

This one is super thick and isn’t very smooth at all on my skin. I do like my eye creams to be moisturizing but I really don’t want them to be thicker than a body butter. The cream never seems to penetrate either and leaves my under-eye area feeling greasy. It does make my under-eye area a little plumper.

The miracle age repair cream

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma

This cream was the one thing I had my hopes up for and I really thought I would find a new favorite in this one. But Nope, simply not at all. The cream feels nice in my hands but when I apply it on my face it never seems to penetrate. It is leaving a surface on my skin that really isn’t looking very nice. I have super dry skin and usually my skin absorbs everything I put on it. But this one simply just stays on top. I do think I would have to try it without so many moisturizing steps underneath. But this has never been the case for me.

I usually am able to apply 12-15 steps with most of them being moisturizing steps. And some moisturizers may be a little too much (when I use many steps). If this would have been the case my skin should have been really happy in the morning. But this wasn’t the case either.

I would love to try a full-size product just to prove myself wrong. But there are way more interesting products out there to try and to spend my money on. I do realize that most people love these products, so you simply should try yourself to see how they work on your skin.

Remember we are all different😊

Where to get it


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