Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask: Miracle age
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Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask: Miracle age review


All skin types
18 USD/5psc

Ingredient analysis: Skincarisma


Clinically crafted to look after aging skin, the Miracle Age Repair Cotton Mask effectively moisturizes skin while preventing the appearance of wrinkles or rough texture.

Nourishing, brightening and anti-wrinkle.

Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask: Miracle age

How to use it

Cleanse your face and apply a nice toner. Fold the mask out and apply fit to your face, leave on for 10-20 minutes (I usually keep it on longer). Then pat your skin and let the essence penetrate. Don’t rinse. Then apply the rest of your products as usual.

My thoughts on Thank You Farmer Miracle Age Sheet Mask: Repair

I won this sheet mask in a giveaway held by I’m Lovely.

The sheet mask itself is made of cotton, and it feels very soft and nice on the skin. It is on the thicker side of masks, but it really doesn’t bother me. I feel that when they are on the thicker side they are much easier to handle. The sheet mask feels really nice on my skin and it is really drenched in essence which will make it last a long time on my skin. Don’t throw away the left-over essence, save it or us it on your body for a little luxury.

The fit of this mask is great, it really isn’t too much fabric or too little and sticks to my skin really well. I do prefer to lay down when I use my sheet masks, since I don’t feel that it is easy running around the house with it on.

Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask: Miracle age
Thank You Farmer True Water Sheet Mask: Miracle age

When removing the mask, my skin feels really moisturized.

It is impossible to say very much on the claims of the product but it does feel really moisturizing on my skin. It does claim to have a brightening effect but I simply don’t see it, and for its anti-wrinkle effects

This is probably not a mask I would buy again though.

I give this product 3.5/7


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