The Korean double cleansing method
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The Korean double cleansing method | Can change your skin

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Cleansing your face

To start one can say that getting your face clean after a day is actually the most important step in your skincare routine. What I mean by that is that if you don’t clean you face properly it will become more willing to misbehave. If I don’t cleanse properly, my skin will absolutely answer by giving me spots. That is the first prove to me that I am not doing it right.

Your skin might behave in a total different way and always when it comes to skincare you need to know your skin and what it needs. That might sound super difficult but it really isn’t. A long time ago people who had a lot of acne was thought of being people who did not clean their skin at all (at least in Sweden). But that was far from the truth and there is never a correct answer for all skin types. We can only do what is best for our skin types and that is usually done by trial and error.

A long time ago, before I was interested in skincare. I used a cleanser, a toner on a cotton pad (more used like an extra cleanser and probably stuffed with alcohol (which is a big no for my skin type)). When you use a toner like this you are simply using it wrong. A toner is supposed to help you neutralize you skin for the next steps and not to be used to clean of the residues of makeup you couldn’t remove properly. I have a post about toners on this post (What are toners/facial waters and why do we love them) if you want some more information.

What is the double cleansing method?

The easiest way to describe it is that you simply cleanse twice. But as you already know there is always a more difficult way to describe it. But I will do my best, so bare with me.

How to start the Korean double cleansing method?

If you are using eye makeup I would absolutely start with a eye makeup remover first (if you wear eye makeup that is) Just so you don’t need to rub around your eyes too much or you will get a lot of product residues inside your eyes. I have sensitive eyes so for this this is a huge thing.

Foam cleansers

Isntree sensitive balancing bubble foam
Isntree sensitive balancing bubble foam
Cosrx pure fit cica creamy foam cleanser
COSRX Cica Creamy Foam Cleanser

First cleansing step

The double cleanse method starts with an oil cleanser, it can be in liquid form, balm form or cream form, as long as it is made with oil as a base. Oil solves oil, so this means that your makeup with literally melt off when massaging this product on your face.

Examples of Oil cleansers

Kosé Softymo Speedy Oil Cleanser
Kosé Softymo Speedy Oil Cleanser
Scinic the simple light cleansing oil
Scinic the simple light cleansing oil

Tips and links to products further down!

Second cleansing step

The second step is using a foam cleanser. By using two different formulas on your face you actually get everything off, and when thinking about it, it is quite obvious. This step cleanse the water based residues on your skin like sweat and other pollutants from the environment.

After using a second cleanser your skin should feel clean but not squeaky clean in that annoying way. If you have really dry skin the second step could feel really dry on your skin (then you should use a different foam cleansers. My skin type is really dry so you can always check out my favorites to see which products worked for me.

Examples of Oil cleansers

Kosé Softymo Speedy Oil Cleanser
Kosé Softymo Speedy Oil Cleanser
Scinic the simple light cleansing oil
Scinic the simple light cleansing oil

Product tips

Eye makeup removers
THE FACE SHOP- Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
The Saem- Healing Tea Garden White Tea Lip & Eyes Remover

Oil cleansers
iUNIK- Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil
THE FACE SHOP- Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Foam cleansers
COSRX- Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser
THE FACE SHOP- Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam

When to use Korean double cleanse method

The Korean double cleansing method can be used twice a day but it is not necessary that you do. It all depends on your skin and what it wants. I would start by only double cleansing in the evening (those days you use makeup). And in the morning I would use only a foam cleanser or an oil cleanser depending on what you prefer.

There are a lot of people who don’t cleanse in the morning and that is fine if it works for you. I always cleanse in the morning. I often use a sleeping masks in the evening before and than you absolutely should cleanse in the morning as well.

There is no basic rule when it comes to skin care. There are only recommendations of other people with different skin types than you. We are all different and it is always best to start slow and increase both products and methods. Just because your skin differs from everybody else. And what worked a couple of years ago might not work for you today. So get to know what your skin want is a trial and error and just because it works for me it doesn’t mean that if have to work for you. So go slow and be gentle to your skin.

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