The Potions Vitamin B12 Ampoule

The Potions Vitamin B12 Ampoule review

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*This product was gifted to me, my thoughts are still my own.


all skin types


Water, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Cyanocobalamin


The formula is rich in Vitamin B12 which helps target the signs of aging and promote a more even-looking skin tone with increased cellular turnover. As a potent antioxidant, they are essential in strengthening skin’s protective layer.

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The Potions Vitamin B12 Ampoule

How to use it

After cleansing, apply to your face as a regular ampoule or mix it together with the Cica cream and then apply. Pat until fully absorbed.

My thoughts on The Potions Vitamin B12 Ampoule

If you haven’t opened up your eyes to the world of serums it is really time that you do so. Serums are a great way to target certain problems on your skin. You don’t need to stick to one serum, instead look for serums that are targeting your specific issues. Issues like hyper pigmentation, moisture, scarring, anti aging etc. But make sure you don’t use ingredients that shouldn’t be used together. (I am working on a post on that).

Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) helps with uneven skin tone. Hyper pigmentation becomes a issue when you age and when you expose your skin to sun. If you are like me, a sun lover and an outdoorsy person. You should always cover your skin with sunblock. Whenever I am outside I always use a cap as well, to help me avoid the sun but still enjoy the warmth.

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The Potions Vitamin B12 Ampoule comes in a glass bottle with a pipette. It is a nice packaging but there is only 20ml in a bottle so it wont last you that long.

I usually use a couple of serums to target different issues on my skin. Hyper pigmentation and anti aging are two areas I always target. When it comes to testing and seeing a result. Hyper pigmentation is really easy to test but you can only do it to a certain extent.

Because hyper pigmentation is an area I always target it is really difficult to say anything on how good the product is on reducing that. So there wont be a before and after picture telling you wow it is amazing. Also I got three weeks to try the products out and hyper pigmentation needs a lot longer time to become less visible so don’t expect wonders on one bottle. You might need two before you see any difference. That not meaning that this product wont help. I simply mean that I will not be able to say that it did.

So back to the serum. This serum is lightweight. It has a nice pink color and spreads really easily on the skin. It absorbs rather fast and does not leave any sticky feeling behind.

It is not a very moisturizing ampoule but that is not what it claim to be either. It is not scented so Yes to that

The Potions Vitamin B12 Ampoule works well when layering other products on top and because I layer a lot I find this really easy to use.


Vitamin B 12 helps with uneven skin tone and that is absolutely true. If this ampoule does just that it is impossible to say. I am using products to help with hyper pigmentation already so it is impossible to say anything on the effects on my skin. But I can say that if you are looking for a nice formulated Vitamin B12 ampoule this is a nice one. If it is better than all the others I really cant say.

I give this product 6/7

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