Tiam vita B3 source

TIAM Vita B3 Source Review

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40 ml
13 USD


Water, Niacinamide (10%), Butylene Glycol, Arbutin (2%), Allantoin, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Lindera Erythrocarpa Extract, Cornus Officinalis Fruit Extract, Geranium Thunbergii Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylpropanediol, Laurylpyridinium Chloride, Chlorphenesin, 1,2-Hexanediol


-A skin brightening serum that infused with highly-concentrated niacinamide and arbutin to blur the appearance of dark spots and correct uneven skin tone.
-Also helps minimize the appearance of discoloration for a more radiant looking complexion.
-Blended with 10% niacinamide to reduce excessive sebum production as well as addressing breakouts.

How to use it

Apply 2-3 drops onto the face evenly after prepping with toner. Reapply on areas of concern and gently tap until fully absorbed. Can be used both day and night but if you are using it during the day you should really apply sunscreen afterwards.

TIAM Vita B3 Source
TIAM Vita B3 Source

My thoughts on TIAM Vita B3 Source

I am a sucker for brightening products since hyper pigmentation is one of my main concerns about my skin. I don’t have any acne scars but this is supposed to be really great on those as well.

I have been using brightening product for a while now. Actually since I started with Korean skincare which is about seven years ago. So there is a limit to how much better my skin can get. But since I am an outdoor person I do feel that this is something I need to use so it doesn’t get worse. If i stop using brightening products I do get more hyper pigmentation. So this is one of those types of products I will continue using for ever I guess.

Tiam Vita B3 source contains 10% Niacinamide and 2% arbutin which are typical ingredients in brightening products.


TIAM Vita B3 Source comes in a glass bottle with a pipette. A simple but effective packaging for a serum.

The serum is lightweight and absorbs really fast into my skin without leaving it sticky and I can easily apply my next step after using it. It is is clear in color and has no scent which I really enjoy.

This is a product that claims to reduce sebum as well and that is something I really can’t say anything about. I do have really dry skin and I mean desert dry and I haven’t noticed any problem with my skin being too dry after using it.

C vitamin product can be a little problematic for sensitive skin types so be sure to try it out slowly and do a patch test. If you have sensitive skin I would not use this during day time if you are going to be outdoors. My skin is not super sensitive but when I use this and goes outside I do feel that my skin isn’t super happy with me. And it really doesn’t help if I wear my sunscreen either.

It is not an expensive serum so really anyone can afford it.



If you are looking for a product that makes hyper pigmentation or acne scars less visible this is really a product you should try. I really enjoy using this since it is really simple to use.

I give this product 6/7

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