Tonymoly Gyeol Boyang Cream

Tonymoly Gyeol Boyang Cream review

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Tonymoly Gyeol Boyang Cream
All skin types
50 ml
21 USD

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High nutrition cream makes healthy skin texture.
Cream which cares the skin texture to have the natural beauty of skin.
It is functional oriental cream for wrinkle care and brightening.
Cream makes elastic and shiny skin with light-texture with cordyceps extract.

Tonymoly Gyeol Boyang Cream
Tonymoly Gyeol Boyang Cream

My thoughts on Tonymoly Gyeol Boyang Cream

The first time I tried this cream I was really impressed. I got a sample when I ordered some other products and since the sample impressed me I decided to buy the full-sized product to try it out.

The packaging of this one is really nice, it does come in a jar, which looks a little bit more fancy but is not very hygienic. I do prefer moisturizers in a tube or pump, just because I don’t want to keep dipping spatulas or fingers in the jar over and over again. I always use a spatula but I don’t always wash the spatula after usage, so then I still get bacteria back in the jar. The tub itself is really nice except for one thing. The lid is loose, there is no locking mechanism. So, I would not travel with this one or at least put it in another packaging.

The cream is yellow/pinkish in color and is strongly scented. I usually don’t like products that are scented and definitely not strongly scented. This smell isn’t as bad though and I still manage to use it.


The first time I tried this I thought it was really amazing and now I am at the bottom of the tub my thoughts has changed. It is moisturizing, but it is more surface moisture. I have super dry skin and really need my skin care products to penetrate my skin and get deep and do their magic. This one just stays on top of my skin. well, some is absorbed but not a whole lot. And my skin is oily on the surface but dry underneath. If you know what I mean.

When I wake up in the morning my skin is somewhat ok, but I still don’t feel moisturized enough.

I give this product 3/7

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