Tonymoly the chok chok green tea intense cream
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TonyMoly the chok chok green tea intense cream


All skin types
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My thoughts on TonyMoly the chok chok green tea intense cream

My hopes were really high before trying this one out. I had tried The chok chok green tea watery cream before and it turned out to be one of my favorite moisturizers.

My skin had been super dry for some time and I do think it was because of a cleanser from Shiseido which had a really high pH. I am not sure how pH affects my skin and I do feel that it is time I figure it out.

TonyMoly the chok chok green tea intense cream is really thick and the first feeling is that wow, this is going to make my skin amazing again. But sadly, it doesn’t. Since it is really thick it takes a long time to absorb into my skin and I don’t feel that it ever completely does. When I use BB cream on top it seems to make the bb cream move around instead and that is not a look I am going for at all.

Tonymoly the chok chok green tea intense cream
Tonymoly the chok chok green tea intense cream

The smell is nice and it smells fresh, I do prefer my creams to be unscented but it is not a very strong perfume scent. More a fresh one of green tea.

When using it at night my skin feels really smooth and happy so I do prefer using it for night. But in the morning my skin doesn’t feel happy at all. Since the cream doesn’t really absorb in my skin it doesn’t do much during night either.

The packaging is really nice, it is a sturdy jar and by using a spatula instead of dipping my finger in the jar I get a hygienic container as well. Usually I prefer my products to come in tube just because of the hygienic aspects of it. A jar is never as clean as a tube. And if you have acne prone or sensitive skin this is really important.

If you have normal to dry skin this might be a nice cream for you but for my skin type (super dry) it did not help much.

I give this product 2/7

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