Urtekram aloe vera deo crystal roll on
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Urtekram aloe vera deo crystal roll on

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Urtekram aloe vera deo crystal roll on
50 ml
4-5 USD

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Aqua, Glycerin**, Potassium alum, Aloe barbadensis leaf extract*, Xanthan gum, Citrus aurantium dulcis oil* (aroma*), Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene. * = organic, ** = made with organic raw materials.

How to use it

You use this as any normal deodorant but you need to shake it before use. If there are crystals in the deodorant they will be dissolved by putting the bottle in warm water.

My thoughts on Urtekram aloe vera deo crystal roll on

Urtekram is a Danish brand and I always love trying products from different countries. Urtekram is a quite big brand in my country Sweden, but I realize it might not be very famous in other parts of the world. Basically, it is a brand that produces organic products (link to brand Urtekram).

Urtekram aloe vera deo crystal roll on
Urtekram aloe vera deo crystal roll on

I usually love natural deodorants and I usually use one from Maria Åkerberg which is a simple salt crystal. But I wanted to try something that was easier to use than that. So, I found this one from Urtekram and felt an urge to buy it.

The deo is really nice and feels moisturizing under my armpits. Sometimes when I shave my armpits I sometimes gets an itch and this deodorant really helped with this problem. My armpits feel really happy (if a armpit would have feeling that is).

I usually don’t sweat a lot and I have never had the problems with that. But this one really doesn’t seem to work for me at all. I do smell sweat, when I sniff my armpits (yikes that is simply disgusting but what don’t one do for review purposes). And I really don’t have an active lifestyle. My conclusion simply is that it is not working on me.

I give this product 1/7

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  • Debra

    Found this deodorant by chance. I LOVE it. I workout 6 days a week, walk 7-9 miles and do weights. Even after all that, I’ve never had an odor problem like I have had on occasions with other brands. Unfortunately, I’ve have not seen this in my area since my purchase. Online price is much more expensivel

  • Tess

    Great that it works for you:-) Normally salt deodorants works amazing for me so I was surprised this one didn’t. The price is so great for this type of product.

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