Vegreen Daily Moisture Cream
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Vegreen 730 Daily Moisture cream review



50 ml
16 USD


Water, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glycerin, Squalane, Glyceryl Stearate, Polyglyceryl-2 Stearate, 1,2-Hexanediol, Stearyl Alcohol, Carbomer, Arginine, Caprylyl Glycol


An intensive moisturizing daily cream for anyone.

How to use it

Apply a moderate amount onto face in your last skincare step. Re-apply 1-2 times to areas that you feel dry.

Vegreen Daily Moisture Cream
Vegreen Daily Moisture Cream

About the brand Vegreen

Vegreen is a relatively new brand on the market and they don’t have that many products to choose from. So far they have two serums, one toner and one cream. Everything about this brand screams environmental thinking. The label is easy removable and recyclable. The box is made of sugar cane by product and the ink is made of soybean oil.

My thoughts on Vegreen 730 Daily Moisture cream

I was contacted and offered to try three of their products, and after reading about wild yams and that it was the vegan option for snail mucus I was super interested to try them out.

As a lot of you already know I love snail products. They work wonders for my skin which is super dry and I always have a snail cream at home.


Vegreen 730 Daily Moisture cream comes in a clean looking soft plastic tube which is the type of packaging I prefer when it comes to moisturizer. Simply due to that I find them more hygienic than tubs. The packaging suits the brand perfectly since it really looks clean and natural by its simplicity.

Vegreen Daily Moisture Cream
Vegreen Daily Moisture Cream

The cream it self is not scented, which I am super happy about. I have a really sensitive nose and I do prefer my skincare to be without scent if I got to choose. It wont stop me from trying products that are scented in any way though.

The texture is creamy, but not as thick as I expected, don’t ask me why I had any expectations on the thickness. Sometimes you just get an idea in your head and then get confused when it doesn’t add up.

When I apply the moisturizer it almost turns into a watery consistency so my first thought is that it is not going to be super moisturizing. But I was completely wrong. This cream is really super moisturizing and is probably my favorite cream ever. I wanted to save some of it so I can try it during the really dry times in my country (Sweden) but I am not sure I am going to make it since I tend to go back to the little I have left.

This cream absorbs really fast into my skin, leaving it feeling smooth and happy. No tackiness or sticky feeling but simply moisturized skin.



This is simply amazing, and so far my favorite cream. I am not sure if it will be enough during winter time but I am looking forward finding out.

My skin type is super dry and I am always looking for a great moisturizer. And this is really hitting my holy grail list.

I give this product 7/7


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