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Were to buy Korean beauty products

There are lots of places to buy Korean products or Asian beauty products. When I started blogging and living in Sweden there were only online stores to choose from. Now 2021 there are a lot of online stores both Swedish and international once and I am super happy to say that there are a lot of physical stores as well.

I do prefer buying from Korea (simply due to prices). If I am in need of only one type of product I can shop from a Swedish local store but usually I am looking for a lot more products when I do a haul. And if I was to buy from Sweden the cost would be much higher.

About shipping costs. This is something that really changes and since the world flipped up side down I recommend you to choose a store and than add random product into the cart. Then you go to checkout and simply see what the shipping might be depending on you shop for 100 USD or if you just need one product. This is the easiest way of knowing how much the cost will be before looking to close at a store. I hate when I spend so much time searching for product and then when I am finally going for checkout the shipping fee is 150 USD. And I have to start all over again.

Online stores


Favorite stores

  • Jolse (free shipping depending on country)
  • StyleKorean (free shipping depending on country)
  • Yesstyle (free shipping over 99 USD, depending on country)
  • Wishtrend (free shipping over 150 USD)

These four are my favorites that I always end up going back to. I know their shipping is great and I know they are fast.

Other international stores

All shipping costs are based on your country

Swedish stores (just a few)

If you buy from any Swedish stores, bare in mind that the prices are often much higher than buying from Korea

Korean Ebay sellers


Where to buy Korean skincare

Peach and Lily

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  • Alice

    Hej! Åhhhh va glad jag blir att fler uppskattar koreansk hudvård….älskar dem . Bra kvalité och så fina förpackningar.
    Tänkte höra med dig om du har betalat tull och moms när du har beställt från utlandet?

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