What are facial mists
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What are facial mists? | And why you should be using them!

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What are facial mists?

Mist are one of those products I always love when using, but still don’t seem to do very often. I really don’t have any reason either since I really do like using them. For me a mist is the perfect way to add some extra moisture to my skin after applying makeup. But it is also something one can use during the day just to get that fresh feeling on the skin.

When I first started using Korean skincare product (2015) this type of product was completely new to me. I hadn’t used it before and really didn’t know much about them. Today almost every brand seem to have one, which is just amazing.

Different types of mists

Today there are many different types of mist but the majority of facial mists is the hydrating versions. But there are others like cooling mists (mainly water that you spray on your skin for that refreshing feeling), hydrating mists and oil controlling mists. There are other versions as well. But these are the most common versions.

Choosing the right one for you

So, how do one chooses the right version. This is all up to your skin type and knowing what skin type you have is a really important step in starting a skincare routine. Many people think that if you for example have a lot of acne you have to have an oily skin type. That is not the case since sensitive skin types can have a lot of problems with acne too. (I will write a post about how to determine your skin types as well later on). So using a mist for the wrong skin type is not a big deal. It is not the most important product in you skin care routine. So just look at what your skin likes. If your skin feels drier in the evening or after using makeup just add a hydrating mist and see if you like it. But if you know your skin type I would recommend using a mist that is better suited for your skin.

So what are facial mists?
So what are facial mists? Chamos ACACI snail repair aqua gel mist

How to use a facial mist

So, how do I use it. Well you simply spray on whenever you feel. There is actually not a specific rule like a lot of other products have. More when you need it. Since we are all different and our skin is different you simply just wing it. Some people loves to incorporate a facial mist in their morning routine, or using at is a toner (which is perfectly fine). But you can also use it directly over makeup or any time during the day. A good mist has a perfect spray and will not wet your face completely. More leave it with a misty feeling on top. A bad mist is a mist that leaves droplets on your face. Then it is simply a bad nozzle on the product. This happens and if that is the case I would not use it over makeup since it can ruin the makeup if you do (But don’t throw it out, you can still use it as a toner or a second toner).

You can also spray mist on tools that needs to be moist before using them for applying makeup, like a sponge or a puff. Simply spray the mist on the product instead of wetting it with water and use the sponge like you normally would

So what are facial mists?
So what are facial mists? Nature republic aloe soothing gel mist

Making your own facial mist

The internet is flooding with ideas on different diy:s on facial mists and on a lot of other skin care products. I am always careful when doing my own stuff and I would never use anything that is not good for my skin on my skin. There is a lot of recipe where people use vinegar, lemon, bicarbonate and a lot of other really strong products on their skin. I know some people who swear that these are amazing ingredients for you skin and I strongly disagree. It might work on some people but these are really strong acids and bicarbonate is a super fine powder and all these product can damage your skin instead. By just looking up the ingredients your self you will see that a lot of ingredients used in diy:s are bad for you.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t like diy:s, just that I want you to know what you are putting on your skin.

Aloe vera facial mist

Here is a nice and safe recipe for a facial mist that is safe on you skin as long as your skin likes aloe vera.

Clean out a nice spray bottle (preferably one used as a facial mist before due to that it probably has a good nozzle).

1 tbs aloe vera gel
1 tsp coconut oil (or any facial oil like almond oil, argan oil or even olive oil)
60 ml (I/4 cup) distilled water (bought or boiled water) or you can use green tea instead of water.

If you use green tea instead of water. Just put a tea back in boiling water and leave it there for about 20 minutes. Let it cool and mix it with the other ingredients.

Mix all ingredients together and put in spray bottle and you are good to go.

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