Snail product
What is that?

What are snail products?

So what are snail products and do we really need them.

How weird is this, lets slime our faces folks. I bet no one thought they would actually use snail slime on their skin, but today it is really common. I use snail products on a regular basis and I think these products are amazing. So simply said, snail mucus, snail slime, or snail extract are put into skincare products and even in some makeup.

History of snail products

Snail slime isn’t anything new, its known benefits dates back to ancient Greece, used to reduce inflammation.
The common use of snail creams was rediscovered when a Chilean farmers noticed that their skin was visible smoother. After this the French noticed the benefits of the product and the Koreans was fast to include this in some products. Now days, almost all big skincare brands are having some line with snail mucus in them.

Benefits of snail mucus

Snail extract are packed with nutrients like hyaluronic acid, glycoprotein, enzymes, proteoglycans and copper peptides. All is already known in beauty products and proven to be beneficial to the skin. The mucus prevents the skin from losing moisture and softens the skin.

It is also supposed to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, repairs damaged skin and restore hydration. And if that isn’t enough, snail mucus also works anti-aging.

What are snail products?
What are snail products? Different snail products

About anti-aging

A lot of people expect miracles to happen, and that their wrinkles will completely disappear. This will not happen and no cream in the word can do that, the only way to achieve that is to use fillers or put yourself under the knife. I am not a fan of this at all because I think there is beauty in every age, and I would not use fillers or something like that myself. If you like fillers and products like that, go ahead. But make sure that you use a safe place and people that are authorized.

The best way to achieve looking younger is simply having a moisturized skin. Dry and cracked skin will look older than a moisturized one.

The ethic point of it

There is always an ethical way of thinking about this, and is this really ok. This is of course not a vegan product. I did try a substitute product for snail mucus that is Wild yam and I have a few products that I tried which are amazing. Links to these in the end of this post.

How do they extract the slime? And what happens to the snails?

This is a thought you have to consider yourself. If you are not fine with it, then just use other products. I feel that the products I use come from large companies and I expect them to extract the mucus in the right way. So just do what feels good for you.

The methods used to extract the mucus

When snails are agitated, they start to excrete a thick fluid with the purpose of protecting themselves (I really wonder how an agitated snail looks like?).

Warm water method: Basically, you put warm water in a bowl and then you move the bowl around carefully. The snails will start sliming. You then filter the product and you are left with snail mucus. This is done in laboratory environments.

Another method is to simply rub the belly of a snail and they will start producing. Then you collect the mucus.

Net method: They put snails on a net and let them move, they then start producing the mucus (we all know that a snail will produce slime on any surface. Then the net is collected and the mucus is extracted.

Trying snail products for the first time

As always, especially if you have sensitive or acne prone skin you should test the product out on a less sensitive part of your body first. Ex the bend of the arm. I know a lot of people don’t do this, including me. But really, if you have sensitive skin this is really important.

When you think about it, snail slime is something your body probably haven’t experienced before (if it’s your first time testing) so naturally there could be a reaction to any skin type.

Vegan options to snail products

What are snail products? Vegan options
Vegan option to snail products

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