What is a cushion foundation
What is that?

What is a cushion foundation?

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What is a cushion foundation?

Cushion foundations has been around for quite some time now (starting in South Korea) and there really isn’t anything strange about them. So if you haven’t tried one yet it is absolutely time that you do.

The idea of cushion products comes from South Korea as do a lot of other products like for example BB creams (blemish balms). Today even L’Oreal, Lancôme and many other common brands in Europe and elsewhere has a cushion foundation, as well as a BB creams.

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The packaging

The packaging is what makes this product really interesting. When you open it, it is basically a cushion filled with foundation. The foundation is usually more light-weight but not always so you need to read the description of the cushions to find out which one you would like. They also come with a cushion puff that reminds me of a regular sponge but flat. When using this type of puff you get an even result with higher coverage. It is a perfect travel products since you have all in one package and I have never experienced any leakage.

They also most often come as refills, but you need to make sure that it is the same type of cushion for the package or it wont fit. One can also buy the cushion puffs separately and they can be used with regular foundation as well.

What is a cushion foundation? Etude House color correcting any cushion mint
Etude House color correcting any cushion mint


A cushion foundation are not that different from a regular foundation depending what products you are comparing. I do find them to most often be lighter in texture compared to a regular foundation but give more coverage.

Sometimes thicker consistency foundations can be too heavy for a lot of skin types so these types of products offer more coverage with a lighter foundation.

Different product in cushion format

Today cushion products are widely spread and there are a lot of different types of products that comes in the cushion format.

Product like foundations, BB creams, CC creams, sun creams, blushes and serums.

I really like cushions but I don’t tend to use them very often. This is simply due to that I do prefer lighter coverage and I find that rather difficult to achieve with a cushion type of product. I also feel that the hype of having product in cushion formats is weird since the cushion itself soaks up a lot of the product that you wont be able to use.

You also need to clean the puff quite often since you are using the same puff over and over again, getting bacteria inside the cushion.

So I do prefer using a bottle or a tube type of product instead. I mainly find that I get more for my money that way. But cushion foundations are really great when looking for more coverage and when you are traveling.

As for using cushion products in any other form (like sunscreens or serums) is just a big no for me. I feel that I would be wasting my money if I used them and really don’t find the packaging so amazing that I would love to have a lot of products in a cushion format.

What is a cushion foundation
What is a cushion foundation?

How do you use a cushion foundation?

This is the easy part. You just open the inner lid and press the puff into the sponge holding the product. Do it gently so you don’t get too much product at once. The puff doesn’t absorb very much at all. Then you tap the product onto your skin, as you would a regular sponge. You should never be dragging the puff on the skin, just simply tapping. I really recommend you to clean the puff often to make it more hygienic.

Extra tip

To get that extra amount out from your cushion just turn the cushion around (you can just use tweezers) and you get a little bit more out from it. Another tip is if you struggle finding a shade and you end up in between to shades you can always buy one of each shade and they cut them in half so you have one lighter half and one darker half in each cushion. Then when you apply it (since you blend when tapping) you get a nicer shade match and you get two cushions that works well with your shade.

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